Why Women Will Continue To Be Mistreated At Work
Helen Situ

Hey Helen,

Thanks you for writing this. I never meant to be dismissive of harassment claims of the victims. That was never my intent nor my actual position. You probably know the defendants as good as anyone. I am truly sympathetic to your concerns and the concerns of all women in the workplace and society at large. That the problem continues to this day is simply staggering to try and comprehend. I won’t try and clarify anything about my comments as the proverbial firestorm of vitriol it is likely to generate. People who really know me know where I stand. I am truly shocked by this latest development with UploadVR. However it plays out in the courts will still not end the problem nor does it have a chance to be fully resolved until we all own the problem and all own the solution. I’m sorry my comments may have been either wrongly stated or understood. This kind of situation pains me greatly.