UX Graphic Design — Experimenting

Today, in the spirit of experimenting and exploring for my letterform poster and zine, I headed out to get some more chalk and black paper. In the stationery store (which was a lot bigger than the one I went to last time to pick up my first batch of goodies) it dawned on me that I hadn’t been to this one in at least six years. This made me slow down my footsteps, it was calming to slowly browse through all the items. It’s been so long since I’ve shopped somewhere for creativity, instead of utility and functionality.

I quickly picked up a box of chalk, some white poster color paint and a big brush (just because). When I went around the corner to pick up some black paper, I came across some blackboards leaning against each other on some shelves higher up. I looked at my box of chalk in my trolly and had an idea — I could try experimenting on a blackboard! It’s environmentally friendly (I think, at least I wouldn’t be exhausting a bunch of paper), and I can still document my work by taking pictures. Win-win.

So here’s my starting point.

Oh and I’ve made a list of words starting with M for inspiration, and a little side note of some forms that I would like my letter to have for my poster/zine.

Here’s an m made up of m’s.

I’m just trying out random ideas right now. This is one drawn with five separate strokes.

Playing with thick and thin.

This one I wanted to do something messy.

Mano (hand in Spanish) can make up the letterform, too. Woohoo!

Now here are some ones I did with paint. I’m loving the textures so far.

I love this one so much, I like the idea of something that’s done without much thought, nothing too premeditated that it becomes pretentious.

I dig the fuzziness at the bottom, bet it would look really nice once I process it through Photoshop.

Cadence Chen (Ching-Hwa)