Kutipan Pena Biru

  • “Kalau saja hidup ini hangat, nikmat, seperti menikmati kopi di tengah hutan, maka… tanpa ragu aku akan memilih satu detik bersamanya menikmati secangkir kopi. Cukup satu saja, karna aku tidak ingin serakah. Cukup satu, karna orang bilang dua itu melenyapkan.” [2.8.16]
  • “She found a different forest in a new time. Under the tall pine is her favourite one. Touched by the wind on her face everytime. Because she had blended by a song of the tall pine.” [7.7.16]
  • “Same as the singing bird and the flowing trees, you thought you know it all but you just don’t.” [2016]
  • “Don’t date a girl who travels. She will be unimpressed with your new car and your expensive watch. Her soul craves for new experiences and adventures. All because the nature has its magical effect to her. “[2016]
  • “You dont always need a plan. If you are a little bit curious about travelling just get your one way ticket and go
  • Its not all about money, its much more about courage. Once you have the courage to do things differently, universe will provide you with everything else. You might seem selfish at first but the ones who truly love you will either follow you or wait for you, on the right time, not always the clock one.
  • lm pretty sure you wont regret it. The only thing you cant get back is time so you really have nothing else to loose.” [2016]
  • “Sometimes, people judge you everything whatever they want.
    But actually they are some idiots who don’t have any chance to be like you.
    Then, all you need is fire to warm you up and to make the marshmallow tasted good.
    Just let them all be ashes.” [2016]
  • “Suara inilah alasanku tidak menyukai rumah
    Suara inilah yang membuatku menghabiskan waktu berjam jam di luar rumah
    Suara ini juga yang menjadi alasanku selalu datang ke tempatmu
    Suara ini,
    suara ribut” [2016]
  • “Say I’m sorry
    You say you’re not sorry
    Your sorry is my sorry
    But my sorry is not your sorry
    Then I feel sick saying sorry” [2016]
  • “I’d hope for a heavy rain to come. So I can’t go anywhere, hoping that the rain will wipe the tears.” [2016]
  • “No, you’r not an introvert , you’r just hiding from the world. Jangan hanya bersembunyi dari dunia, keluar dari sangkarmu dan percaya lah suatu saat bersamaku kita akan menguasai dunia.” [2016]
  • “Sebuah pohon, tak berpenghuni
    Ketika hujan, jikalau daun ini kering lalu terjatuh
    Jangan salahkan akarnya, yang tak mampu menahan” [2016]
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