Midnight Thought

I love being on the balcony. Here, I can feel the silence. Even the fireworks of chrismas laying up the sky tonight, but they don’t ruin the silence. Tonight, I feel like I’m just out of the town. But fact, I’m here in a crowded town where there’s no possibility for living safe and sound. It’s 21.15 pm now, means I have 10 hours till I get the real silence out there. I feel so excited, doubt, and afraid at the same time. I doubt myself. I doubt the decision I decided. And also I don’t know what I’m afraid for. But I’m assured myself that ¾ days ahead the silence will guide my heart to have no doubt and afraid anymore. So, when I come back here again I can enjoy the silence with the same taste as tonight.

-Pena Biru-

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