Medium Post 1: A Transition Towards a New Beginning

College is a new beginning for many people because it is an environment different from home, high school, school affiliated sport’s practice, or the mall. This is an experience that challenges you as a person academically and socially, for this reason, I think I want to write about how it has commenced the realization of not a new me, but a true me for myself.

Although not being completely sure of what I want my digital story to obtain, I believe the focus of it will be how being in college has allowed me to find the person I am more than I was able to in high-school. Living in a small town and going to a small school, I was accidentally peer-pressured into having a mentality similar to those around me. This means that subjects such as religious, sexuality, gender identification, and political beliefs were shared in a most homologous way among my peers. I feel today like I was hiding parts of myself without realizing it. This is a weird thing for me to contemplate now because I once thought I was actually too outspoken, for I did express my opinions more than most of my classmates, in a respectful manner of course, but perhaps not as much I thought I did. When it came to politics, if you were a Democrat and thought of Bernie Sanders as a good presidential candidate, you were seen as a crazy liberal who wanted the nation to plummet in the claws of socialism. If you were not Christian, your religious views were simply regarded as wrong in a pitiful, “Aww he or she believes Jesus doesn’t exist haha” sort of way. If you believed in abortion, you were completely evil, but if someone was possibly pregnant, then they were a slut and had no out of the pregnancy because abortion is demonic. Gender identification was not even mentioned once in my high-school, so upon my attendance at the University of Minnesota, I was bombarded with this idea that gender is different from someone’s biological sex. My brain and heart have slowly been craned open and flooded with new ideas and point of views that I had not encountered before. I have not found myself yet and I know that it takes a lifetime to truly find oneself, but being at a large university in a metropolitan area has catalyzed a series of emotions, questions, and curiosity within me; I think this is the initial step in becoming molded as a unique person. This is the initiation of not only acknowledging who I am, but becoming me.

I want to find out how my peers at the University of Minnesota feel about different subjects and I want to know how their opinions have changed or if they have remained intact perhaps. As for data on myself, I think I will just try to understand what emotions I have when I encounter discussions about different topics and I will write down how I think I felt about the subject during and after the discussion. I will try to see how mob mentality can add to the way I see things. I might do my own research online as well by reading articles about different subjects or maybe even run polls on twitter or the U of M class of 2020 Facebook page. These are just some ways I might keep track of the emotions I might encounter at least during this first semester.

College will challenge me in more ways than I expected. I thought I would just be more academically challenged but the reality is, that there are more factors that are thrown in your face than just academics. Some revelations to new ideas can even hurt your ego because you never knew there were two sides to that coin. Some revelations make you feel better about yourself, and some are there to add a puzzle piece to the person you truly are; this is to say, some revelations are food for thought that you will take with you and even accept as your own belief. This is a challenge because I thought I knew who I was, and I think many recent high schoolers also “think” they knew who they were, but college is here to show us different. Whether the changes in us are big or small, it is a change nonetheless and every small change makes a difference within us and the person we mold into. It has been a rough transition but I am hopeful that while slowly adapting to this new current, I might end up enjoying the ride.