Chapter 4: Project Integration Management

1.) Over the past few years, many pulse findings about how well organization is delivering on their strategies initiatives have remained largely unchanged. It suggest that organization to go back to basics, this includes: fully understanding the value of the project management, having actively engaged executive sponsors, aligning projects to strategy, developing and maintaining project management talent, establishing a well-aligned and effective PMO, standardized project management practices throughout the organization.

Pulse study shows that organizations that focus on the fundamental aspects (culture, talent and process) have focused on their highest priorities, strategic initiatives are meeting their goals.


By setting an organization culture, this characteristics are learned and shared and can help to meet their objectives: shared visions, mission values, beliefs and expectations; regulations, policies, methods, and procedures; motivation and reward system; risk tolerance; views on leadership, hierarchy and authority relationships; code of conduct, work ethic, and work hours; operating environments.


Understanding the importance of skilled talent is a key factor on project management. According to 2014 PMI and EIU global survey, only 17 % of the respondents say their talent management strategies are quick to react to changing business condition, whereas for one-third, effective response takes several years longer.


Research confirmed that the organization that focuses on process meets their success; it is clearly benefited from maturing their project, program, portfolio management processes.

Foundation Practices

Knowledge transfer

Is a learning tool that can strengthen team performance by emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and coaching, Organization that are successful uses this practices, they use diverse channels to communicate that knowledge and insight, including formal classrooms, training and other forums; case studies, white papers and articles; and videos.

Risk Management

Risk are not fully predictable; there are risk to political unrest to supplier conflicts and labor shortage, internal and external events can have a significant impact on projects progress and ultimate performance, but with effective risk management practices, potential damage can be mitigated.

Organizational Agility

Is the ability of business to respond and adapt quickly in response to change in the market or other parts of its external environment. But organizational ability is about so many more cultural and structural issues and business practices that can impact project and program success. According to PMI, they identified the characteristics most indicative of organizational agility as the ability to: respond quickly to opportunities; shorten decision/production/review cycles; manages change; integrate the voice of the customer; manage risk; assign interdisciplinary project teams; eliminate organization silos; implement contingency planning; use interactive project management practices; leverage technology.


According to this financial analysis, I would not recommend to invest on this project because the ROI results to a negative percentage which means it’ll give you a “lugi” factor.

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4.)a.) The real problem was on the top management because they make Nick as a project management even his specialization on the past three years and for three different project managers was a leader on software development.

b.) It is not because I think on a higher organization they do not make a project manager on a specific project without knowledge on project integration management.

c.)Nick was not good enough project manager because even Nick and his team mate finish the project in time ,they did not provide the accurate schedule and detailed plans on what happening on the project.

d.)Top management should provide Nick the proper knowledge on a project integration management.

e.)Nick should study about project integration management for him to have the knowledge and become a good project manager.

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