AESTHET IA # 1 — Art in Everyday

It’s really cute when I take a photo of it, It’s a faucet in slanted position, even it is slanted that way, that faucet is still usable for watering the plants.
A bunch of rocks that is well-positioned to it’s context and color, it is really an art because, it compromised the blend of the color of the rocks and every time you’ll see it, you will hesitate to pick one, because you will think that it will lesser the cuteness of the formation of the rocks.
A cute little boy holding a slings, I think it’s David the one who fought Goliath, it is really rare to see a mini sculpture of David when he’s still a child holding a slings, because most of the time I always see a sculpture of Cupid.
I accidentally took a photo of it, when I’m finding something that will represent as art. Well when I saw this photo it amazed, because it simply tell me “This is art, just appreciate things around you and will definite say that everything is art”.
I took this photo because my girlfriend drew it for me and it’s her first time to draw human, because all the time she always draw cartoon character in T.V.. I actually planned to take a photo of this drawing, just the drawing itself , when suddenly my dog came, I think my dog want to be in photo or he just want to “Photobomb” hahaha!
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