Up close and Personal

Artist is everywhere, you can encounter different people that has a hidden t talent. On our Aesthet class we have interviewed many artist that can contribute art, it may be painting, tattoo, or it may in other way as long as they can do art and influence people in art or you see as an art.Each artist that we interviewed they had a similarity, they are dedicated in what they’re doing in life, they love what they do.Moreover they contribute art in different way, first is a tattoo artist, Mr. Alfred Guevarra, he finished architecture, but he ends up in tattooing people.He was the former president of the Dutdutan Festival, he is the first tattoo artist in manila, he sees tattoo as the highest form of art, Mr. Alfred stated that World is Temporary,second is comedian actress, Maria Alilia Bagio or known as “Mosang”, she is an actress in Pepito Manaloto, her role is YAYA, before she entered the acting industry she was a make-up artist,stage manager in theater, she started acting at the age of 19 years old. She loves acting when she was younger, all she want is to help and aspire some artist, she want to prove something and share what she had. Mosang stated that the world is a big arena of theater. Last is Graphic Artist, Rodney Jaleco Jr.He finished advertising in UST, He is working in ABS-CBN as a graphic artist for him graphic artist is like playing, playing in a sense that you put hard-work to your work, to make it beautiful. Qualities that I like to imitate in them to become a professional, is hard-work and accept the fact that life is full of surprises, you can plan what you want to be in your life but God has a better plan for you.

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