Art Fair Philippines 2016: An Experience


Gallery Orange (KILAS “Unveiled seeing with heightened perceptives”)

Artists that are being exhibited the gallery orange (KILAS)
There are 26 artists who composed the gallery orange. These are the list: 
(Artist, Name of the Art, Material Used)


(1) Bogie Alvardo “Couple of sin” and “Suffer” Textile paint & pencil on paper mach’e 
(2)Dennis Ascolan “Pamata-mata lng 3” & “Pamata-mata lng 2” Acrlyic on board
(3)Moreen Austria “After foresight” & “Exhaustive Anesthesia” Mixed Metal 
(4)Niel Benavente “Theracts III” & “Theracts II” Oil painted terracotta on canvas 
(5)Karina Broce Gonzaga “Death’s whisper” & Safe in her innocence” Oil in canvass 
(6)Barry Cervantes “heard evil” & “see evil” Acrylic on canvas 
(7)Hilario Campos III “portal between us” & “ santermo” Acrylic on panel (8)Totc Co Untitled Wood debris, furniture scrap 
(9)Peter Fantinalgo “eye for nothing1” & “eye for nothing 2” Oil on canvas
(10)Frelan Gonzaga “salvation” & “ faith” Oil on canvas 
(11)Jovito Hecita “King of Nothing” & Dark Sanctuary” Acrylic on plywood
(12)Holtz Javier “ Legend of dome” & “Warlord” Mixed media
 (13)Raymond Legaspi “Modigliani’s eye 2” Mixed media 
(14)Jun Jun Montelibano “Love of wolf 2” & “Love of Wolf 3” Pencil and pastel on board 
(15)Megumi Miura “Eyes are Useless when the mind is blind” & “Instinct” Acrylic on canvass
(16)Mikboy Pama “Unlaw-natic attraction” (Napoleon Fang’s) &”Unatic Attraction” (Hitler Fatal attraction) Oil in Canvass 
(17)Susanito Sarnate “Omni” & “Untitled” Mixed media 
(18)Roderick tijing “ToBinge” & “The saints are coming” Oil in canvass (19)Ryo Tupas “Titcloud L” Ink & cement paper on wood panel 
(20)Matt Yrad “Cost of holy vision” & “MoonDance” Acrylic on canvass
(21)Jayr Delleva “Guni-Guni 1” Mixed media 
(22)Darrel Javier “Owl eye”mixed media 
(23)Joe Geraldo “Fire” Terracotta 
(24) Tristam Miravelles “Death of Dogmas” Oil in canvas 
(25)Charlie Co “Eye of the storm” Arylic on canvas 
(26) Guenivere Decena “How Choice Began” Arylic on Canvas

D. What do you think is the collective message being conveyed by the exhibition as you engage yourself in works?
 I think the Artist of the Orange Gallery(KILAS) simply tells that whenever people see’s their art it means that “the values that come to the fore when when provoked by version of beauty; it is confronting eye to eye definition who we are”. And the artist tells ,as it stated in their souvenir book (KILAS), the artist represents how they view the world based on their perspectives.


The top most picture was created by Raffy Napay and the bottom picture was created by Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan.

A., B. & C.
I’ve been engaged by the work of this two artist, because it was something to me, It represent my mom’s work, My mom loves stitching and posting our pictures in frame. She valued every moments that we’ve been through in our life, Memories, awards, bonding moments, Creating our bed cover and pillow sheets.
I have a great experienced in Art Fair, because every time I saw a picture, I quickly think, what’s behind those arts why he/she created, what’s her real purpose. What is he/she aiming for.