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Good music can energize, focus and motivate my mind better than anything else in the world. Even better than… **checks surroundings** Even better than caffeine.

When I’ve got things to do, music is rocket fuel. Music keeps me in the zone…

A long table crowded with food and people.
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One of my favorite one-liners I’ve ever heard:

When you have plenty, you can either build a bigger wall or a longer table.

To be clear, “plenty” does not mean “über-wealthy.” Plenty means you have more than you need to meet your basic needs.

You have “plenty” if you can share dollars, or a meal, or a couple hours of your time and talents without…

Have you ever had a young child ask you “Why? Why? Why?” over and over?

Or, a harder question: Have you ever stopped to take a step back from your routines and ask YOURSELF “Why?” a few times in a row?

Why do you work where you work, doing the…

is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. That doesn’t just mean “artists” — it means anyone whose career and/or passion involves creating something. Writers, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and business owners of every kind, artisans, thinkers, speakers, etc. can all be found at a CreativeMornings event near you.

These “fan mail” letters are my chance to geek out about brands that I love and share those brands with you, and I can think of none better to start off with than huge inspiration of mine, DKNG studios.

DKNG has reached design industry celebrity status, especially where Adobe Illustrator…

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