How Malaysia My Second Home Programme is Boosting the Tourism?

Tourism and Malaysia are integral parts of each other. We cannot think one devoid of another. The government backed MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) programme has played a crucial role in promoting the Malaysian tourism industry. In fact, the license permit to serve as an MM2H visa sponsor is offered by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. So, one can understand that there is a connection between the sectors of tourism and MM2H programme.

The Inter-Connection between MM2H Visa Programme and Tourism

Every individual entering Malaysia should possess either a valid passport or an internationally recognised valid travel document. This document should remain valid for the coming 6+ months after the date of entry within the international borders of Malaysia. Tourists are granted a 30 to 90 days Social Visit Pass on their arrival.

Malaysia Second Home Programme

Malaysia is a popular tourist destination in South-East Asia. As such, one could fall in love with the culture, people, the cities, lifestyle, culinary delights, scenic beauty and modern amenities. Many of us might hope that if one could stay here for an extended period and explore more of its exciting aspects, how wonderful it might be! Such people could apply for Malaysia My Second Home Programme.

  • MM2H visa programme lets a person to stay in Malaysia for 10 years, continuously. This is quite a lot of time to explore the entire region
  • Its process of renewal is very easy so if one wants to stay for more days, one could easily renew the visa. The number of visa renewal is unlimited
  • One could centre his / her stay in Malaysia and explore the neighbouring countries
  • Very few other neighbouring countries offer such exciting visa programmes to foreigners
  • Malaysia MM2H program has been specially designed to encourage the retired foreigners to come and settle down in the country
  • The retired foreigners are left with much spare time to indulge in tourism activities like undertaking long or short trips within and outside the country
  • A social visit pass along with a multiple-entry visa are offered to the participants from the Malaysian Immigration Department
  • The multiple-entry visa implies that one could spend days in one’s homeland and come back in Malaysia as and when required
  • One could visit any part of world and come back in Malaysia whenever one wishes to
  • The MM2H visa programme lets one to indulge in part-time occupational activities, provided he or she is above 50 years old
  • Every week, one could participate in 20 hours part-time work
  • One could run an online tourism company or indulge in any such related activities
  • Those who are travelling enthusiasts could integrate their passion with their business enterprise
  • Running a travelling business will help a person to enhance his or her retirement nest egg
  • One could better guide the tourists from one’s homeland because he or she knows the visa norms applicable for the country. The person also knows the homeland culture, better and has the knowledge of the things that differ in Malaysia as well

The visa programme of Malaysia my second home is promoting the tourism objectives of the government along with rest of the other goals. One can quench travelling thirst with the help of this special visa.