The Benefits of A Good City Living in Malaysia

Cities are growing in importance and challenging our years’ long views on global societies. People are migrating from their countries to settle down in their preferred cities. Unlike a few decades before when people used to migrate to famous cities of Europe and Northern America from Asian and African countries, one can find a reverse trend nowadays. Many Europeans and Americans are settling down in Asian cities especially after their retirement. For example, Malaysian metropolitan cities are taking a cosmopolitan hue, thanks to the increasing number of expats choosing the top cities to settle down. They are not choosing Malaysian cities without a reason. There are many benefits of settling down in Malaysian cities which are as follows:

The Benefits of City Planning: There is no dearth of advanced metropolitan cities in Malaysia. Apart from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, there is George Town in the state of Penang, Johor Bahru in the state of Johor and Petaling Jaya in the state of Selangor. Each of these cities is unique. It is true that these cities follow the principles of town planning as prescribed by the national government. However, each of these cities has its individuality which attracts people towards it.

The capital city of Kuala Lumpur is one of the finest examples of accurate town planning. Well-planned highways, roads and by lanes connect the far off places in Malaysia with the residential and commercial hubs located in the city. The landed and apartment properties are built following the international norms like the maintenance of minimum gap between the two properties.

City Life of Malaysia

The Benefits of Infrastructure Development: George Town has its own privilege of being enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This title has inspired many stakeholders to undertake the tasks of city transformation. The urban rejuvenation plans have paid off in the forms of rapid infrastructure development. While visiting Penang, one could see that bridges have been constructed to join this Island State with rest of the other parts of Malaysia. These bridges are apt specimens of engineering marvels.

Along with this, the advanced medical infrastructure of George Town inspires many people from Europe and Northern-America to visit it and avail the benefits of medical tourism. This is one of the main reasons why the owners of Malaysia my second home program visa prefer to settle down in George Town. The hospitals and nursing homes have been developed following the norms of advanced city planning.

Petaling Jaya is the urbanized satellite town of Kuala Lumpur with multiple high-end housing societies. The city is joined by broad highways that link it with other parts of Malaysia. Given the availability of private and public transport options in the country (along with good transport infrastructure), one can easily move around.

Well-planned cities are attracting many young and some older expats to come in Malaysia and settle down. Foreign expats are exploring the benefits of MM2H program to settle in the country after their retirement. Some are opting for urban settlements and avail the multiple benefits of good city living. Malaysian cities are offering comparable benefits of a good city life as is found in the global cosmopolitan cities.