She loved to be teased
And I loved to be pleased​
We loved the wordplay along with foreplay
Both had a weird affinity to fulfill those painful desires
I liked handcuffs she liked wires
She convulsed as the wax thickened on her skin
The way she cried, 
Looked like a dark sin
I liked to be controlled
She liked to be cajoled
The more forbidden, more was I smitten
My canines and her nails
Sweet mourns and our crackling bones
She would pull me by the hair
I would submit without a stare
Scratching her nails on my thigh
She would move faster, not let me sigh
She was rageous even in submission
She would bite like an animal held back her agression 
While they moved with a passionate thrust
Her nails would draw the designs of her venomous lust
Till she met him, managed to remain chaste,
After that night, she was addicted to this taste.