Become better

  1. No binary decisions, it depends on perspective.
  2. Fail fast is totally wrong, it is about creating a fast feedback loop with a strong and precise hypothesis that guides the experiment, and one never waits for the results, they think and keep on creating new experiments.
  3. Time myself, do things in segments. If you let yourself do stuff for too long, you will get stuck and get too deep and eventually you will lose the overall picture and the goal
  4. Let go of ego, what is an ego? its about controling what others think of you. Ego makes people fear, ego makes people do stupid decisions. Ego means there is a binary view of the world, it is either I am better than you, or you die.
  5. Everyone should focus on getting better, self-reflect, internalize thoughts. To focus on getting better, have your own thought processes, understand other people’s thought process, ask questions, make better model next time, always iterating. Most people will find their own processes that they can latch onto that makes their learning accelerate. My own is actually writing my thoughts down. That is where I can mostly condence my thoughts and come up with soemthing new and better.
  6. If you think too much, do more! If you do too much, think more! There is no binary, but a balance of those important things. Also execute multiple things asynchrously, as do things serially is too slow and it loses the chance to iterate and adapt quickly. So do and think at the same time.
  7. Be specific. Most of the time a thought comes in and it is usually vague and takes no form. If you cannot make it specific, and tie to a specific reasoning, that thought is lost forever and never to be coming back again, and you just wasted that brainpower thinking about that thought. Instead, spend time to make thoughts specific. Once you get a hang of the process then specialize and make thoughts take form should be effortless.
  8. And, have fun! No one can be able to focus and make this as part of their lives if they don’t have fun in the process as well. Look for things that excit you. Do things that are fun to you. Don’t ever let anyone take that away.
  9. Maybe this will be the final point, but we will see. Focus on yourself, I know I mention this in the previous point, but I would want to repeat again. Don’t do this for titles, don’t do this for recognition, don’t do this for a better life. Those are the artifacts of becoming better at different stages of your life. Do what is most important and you will never have to worry about other stuff anymore.
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