How to Practice Gratitude on the Shitty Days

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Practicing gratitude doesn’t always involve affirmations or saying thank you to someone you appreciate.

Gratitude comes in many shapes and forms and today I’m sharing my favourite form of gratitude : being of service.

See, I believe life is a journey of contrast. Some days are pure bliss. Some days just aren’t.

Some days, you are working on an exciting project at work and you can not wait to get into the office and continue what you were working on yesterday.

Some days are just so fucking hard you call in sick.

Now, other days, you find no pleasure in leaving your home, you are demotivated, maybe upset with a colleague, or your manager BUT you head to the office anyway or you turn on your computer to connect remotely for the next 8–10 hours.

These fairly shitty but not the absolute worst are, in my opinion, the best days to begin practicing gratitude in order to align yourself once again with the high performing, high vibing version of yourself.

You're probably asking Why? right about now..

Well, simply because days that feel like pure bliss are the easiest days to practice gratitude. The neural pathways already exist.

However, when we begin to practice gratitude on the days that it does not come to us naturally we then begin to build that muscle- we begin to create through new neural pathways that did not exist before. Thus creating a new way of being through the new "habit" we are consciously choosing to create.

So on the shitty days, I believe the easiest way to begin to practice gratitude is by simply asking yourself these two questions:

  1. What good is here that I presently can not see?

Once you've taken your time to answer the above question move on the second question:

2. How can I align with this good and be of service today?

Then go do it, go be of service you beautiful human you!

I promise you, if you sincerely answer the above questions, with vulnerability and openness, you will begin to feel the energetic shift within your body and you will be able to release some of that mental tension that you were experiencing before answering these questions.

Gratitude brings you one step closer to a not so shitty day , so why not try it out?!

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I'm a coach that helps you get out of your own way, so you can be YOU.

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