Fury hath shown a world near broken galavanted puzzles

A breakthrough of inner wonder amongst a world that is shallow

Haunted and buried deep below each sea

Shows little children alone, learning how to be

And the silence that enters through the breaking walls yet to collide

As You suffocate under all the words and small talk around you

Don’t care of your name

Ignore the answer

Don’t agree with that statement

Enjoy the laughter

Don’t care about your day job

Your family

Your life

Only a few selected ones I care to listen to

You’re all so boring

So dull

So plain

Take me Somewhere where something (someone) worth listening spouts

Where I can hear bold ugly statements

And see freckles and moles and muffin tops laid out

Where you can be bold and fearless

A bitch

No Whatever's

Take me somewhere I can freely be clever

Freely be heard

Freely be ignored

Take me somewhere Of which I can’t be Bothered

Take me somewhere that I may freely ignore.

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