Last Night I Dreamed A Plane Crash

Last night I dreamed I witnessed a plane crash. I was walking across a bridge with many other people. The bridge crossed an expanse of water and ahead of us was the city of Vancouver BC. A plane flew into view across the skyline towards us and low in the sky. As it crossed above us it rotated upside down and then righted itself as it strained to rise higher. Many of us rushed to the railing to watch, as it flew higher above the water, before, horrifically cartwheeling down, wing over wing over wing into some buildings in the distance. I was saying…no no no no NO NO NO NO!

I wanted to call for help, but realized that I had forgotten to pack my phone charger and my phone battery was very low. I wanted to get a taxi but I had forgotten to get Canadian money. I found myself wandering through different districts in the city, not sure where I was going, but I had a destination. I remember seeing different art installations and some beautiful paintings on the sides of buildings. I walked for miles, and while I know I saw many things, once I woke I couldn’t remember many.

I know what this dream is about….the rather messy awful way a friendship ended recently and my anxiety over it…and the choice to move on and seek new adventures. It’s always a good feeling when I can figure out why I am dreaming the strange things I dream.

I have always found it hard to let go…especially relationships. I have been this way my whole life, even in childhood. I don’t know if it will ever get easier for me. I am hoping that I can find ways that are simpler and less painful. When one loves 90 miles an hour, petal to the metal….stomping on the brake and bringing something to a full stop is a big challenge. Walking away from the vehicle is even more challenging.

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