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Anxiety feels like falling suddenly from a great height; terrifying.

It’s all flailing limbs and rushing noises, wind screeching past so fast I can’t catch any to fill my lungs. I’ve never felt so keenly the presence of air, the need of it — and yet I can’t get enough in, it’s like my breath is empty of oxygen, so much effort, so little reward. I can’t breathe. I know I’m breathing. I feel my chest moving, up and down up and down. I know I’m breathing. I feel the friction of the air rubbing against the back of my…

Purslane, the most underrated weed on the planet.

Popping up unashamedly in the early summer days, when the sun shines for longer, the air smells sweeter, and you’re more and more drawn out onto the lawn to bask in the early summer sun, Purslane is dismissed by most as a nuisance plant.

Far from a nuisance however, Purslane makes a wonderful addition to a summer salad. With a raw flavour similar to the skin of a cucumber, and a crunch to match — the pink stems add a pop of colour while the fresh shiny leaves add an enticing appeal to a fresh salad. …

As the New Year Approaches

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Have you ever seen a seedling break apart a stone?

Life can exist, and persist, in even the most unlikely of places.

“What have you achieved this year?” They ask. Either blatantly or disguised behind softer words.

In response — Almost the whole of my being screams “Nothing. Nothing at all.”

It’s true, on some level; I’ll acknowledge that. I did a lot of crying, sleeping, a lot of staying alive when I desperately didn’t want to. I didn’t “work” in the traditional sense. My circle feels small and irrelevant — I can’t make the impact I want to in…

Great books are like sunsets: meant to be admired.

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A good book, beautifully written, is a piece of art worth savouring, it’s worth submerging yourself in — the structure, the story, the message.

Find those books that authors have poured their hearts into, deep works, works of meaning, purpose, wisdom.

Take a moment to pause after a beautiful sentence, dwell on the imagery, the emotions it arises. Close your eyes, reflect on it, take your time.

Speed reading is overrated

We live in a society totally obsessed with speeding stuff up, consuming everything as fast as possible.

We’re sucked into the rhetoric. I’ve heard people boast about it; proud of ripping through hundreds…

Panic attacks are no fun at all.

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Imagine walking alone in the dark; the cool night air rustling in the trees, the darkness making everything seem sinister and unfamiliar, you’re a little on edge but not overwhelmingly.

You see something move out of the corner of your eye, drawing you instinctively to snap your head sharply to the left, quickly, so whatever it is will be in full view.

There’s a strange shape lingering in the shadows, some large and dangerous animal — shining red eyes in the darkness. You swear you hear a deep snarl and a growl, menacing.

Recovery from mental illness takes time, so does learning French.

I’ve always been someone who picks up concepts easily, which has mostly been a real blessing. But when it comes to things that take time, discipline, and a lot of hard work — I can be terribly impatient, and I tend to get discouraged quickly.

It used to be fairly easy to escape situations like this; I simply stopped and focused on something else — I quit competitive swimming when I stopped being able to win races without a committed training regime, and just found something that felt easier.

This strategy served me well right up until I was faced…

The first four of my stories that were curated on medium

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This is a story for the publication — Curation Matters; which I am contributing to in order to share experiences with other writers; I’m trying to improve my writing so that it is more in line with what Medium expects and promotes.

I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I have managed to improve my curation rate lately since I’ve been focusing on learning more about this specific platform; I hope this article helps others who are also trying to figure out this whole curation thing!

I’d been writing on medium for about a month when I first got…

What I’m All About

This piece is a biography about me for medium publication: Curation Matters

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I started writing on Medium a number of months ago, I had been trying fitfully to start a regular blogging habit on a private blog; but it was frustrating because I barely got any reads and I really didn’t know what I was doing.

I like medium because theres a lot of high quality content on here and it’s structured more as a community; I’ve earned a very small amount of money since signing up for the Partner Program; but that’s better than I did on my own.

The Little People Matter

Honestly, of all the lighthearted Australian films made in the early 2000’s about everyday Aussies, Danny Deckchair has got to be my absolute favourite. Even though the team decided to cast a Welsh actor instead of an Australian as Danny, the down-to-earth Aussie lead, the movie comes together marvellously.

Essentially, the story is this:

Danny, a concreter, whose much anticipated camping trip has been cancelled by his partner — accidentally sends himself on a journey across the country in a deckchair tied to a huge bunch of helium balloons, lands in a small town and ‘finds himself’ in the community there. …

Penelope Steunenberg

Empowering others and thinking deeply, sharing short stories with big lessons. I am especially interested in morality, philosophy, and mental illness.

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