Since 2015, we have been making steady progress on delivering informative and versatile market insights to guests, and this post provides an overview of the market insight feature and our recent work.

Two common decisions that our guests are making are:

  1. Should I book now for better availability or later for better flexibility?
  2. Which of the listings should I book?

As the service provider, we have broad views of the entire market and guest behaviors that individual guests do not necessarily have. This information usually provides helpful insights to solve guests’ puzzles.

Market insights are one channel where we interact with our guests at various stages of the booking flow. We provide dynamically-generated information to assist our guests in planning their trips. This information includes market and listing availability trends, supply, pricing discounts, community activities, etc. It is a critical component of the booking flow and has demonstrated its utility to the Airbnb community by enabling a larger variety of people to make wiser booking decisions and belong everywhere. …

Peng Dai

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