A delayed flight

Rini Sayang,

So my flight has been delayed. Hopeless these Malaysian Airlines guys are. Always delayed. Hope I can reach in time to catch my connecting flight back home.

Anyhow… sitting here in the Airport lounge, surrounded by strangers, I have lots of time to reminisce. Strange it is, u miss people who are not with you. And stranger still you miss them the most when you have pushed them away. But reminiscing I am!

BTW… the Jakarta Airport is so beautiful. One of the most beautiful I have ever been to. I can just sit here looking out at the tropical mini-forests. Hours on end.

Do you know why I like them? Because I loved a tropical girl once. Seems like a life time now. Time is a wonderfully relative concept. It passes slow when you are enjoying it but blazing fast when you want to forget stuff.

Or maybe the other way round. I dunno… I am just a stupid guy, sitting in the Airport lounge. That’s my life in a nutshell for you. I think. Sitting in Airport lounges. Smoking. Drinking copious amounts of coffee. But then I digress.

What was the point I was making?

Ah! Yeah… my flight has been delayed. Stupid Malaysian airlines people. You must curse them too. I am here blabbering along just because I am late. Or maybe not. I always like to blabber along. Cocky, remember?

Anyways Sayang… will let you know how it turns out to be in my next letter.


Jakarta Airport

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