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From A Lone Perspective To a Greater One

I am grateful to Toastmasters for exposing me to many topics that I would not have otherwise discovered. With our busy lives we each have our own bubble. Within it are our own interests, our work, our family, and our friends. We get up in the morning, then go to work, then go home to supper and bed. On weekends all the errands that support daily life have to be done. The trips to the bank, the supermarket, or the hairdresser fill up Saturday and Sunday.

But at Toastmasters early every Thursday morning, I hear about other people’s lives, families…

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My days have an unusual shape to them since I was injured three days ago. I haven’t returned to my lifestyle of nature and art video shooting. Nor am I spending more than eight hours away from my puppy at a minimum wage job. Instead I’ve been moored at home reluctant to drive at all or walk more than ten houses away. I’ve been, you might say, taking it easy. After a couple of hours sitting up and doing stuff I start to fade and need to rest. My friends who live with chronic illness or pain call that not…

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On Wednesday I had a bad fall. I slipped despite wearing slip-resistant shoes. It wasn’t supposed to happen but it wasn’t completely unexpected. I had fallen and slipped other times in the last two months. Ceramic tile when wet becomes more slippery than the snow and ice I grew up with.

Past Injury Falling On Ice

One of my previous life injuries was a slip on ice walking to university years ago. That fall broke my scaphoid bone on my left hand. That’s a tiny bone that connects your thumb to your hand so that you can manipulate it. There was a good chance that…

Unfortunately there’s always some injustice in the world set against us. How much power do we give to others?

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In my current case it’s me looking for a job. I’m older, and age discrimination is illegal but ageism still exists.


“The concept of overqualification is often a euphemism used by employers when they do not want to reveal their true reasons for not hiring an applicant. The term “overqualified” can mask age discrimination …”

I can’t speak for others. I do know that I’m in a vulnerable position right now because I need an income to offset bills.

Five years ago I did have a plan. I was going to be a travel writer. I planned some trips…

Get a Job or Get Writing?

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Today I start writing for money seriously. Hopefully for serious money. I’ve got a friend who has been successful writing for Medium. Even I made $16. from 6 posts done last year when I tried it out. I have another 6 that aren’t behind the paywall. Currently I have 310 followers. I had to fill out the tax form for non-Americans today. I can’t figure out how to pull up info on what I earned last year so maybe it’s gone. Not sure. The partner page is a bit confusing as it doesn’t show…

Different approaches can lead to a finished novel

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Oh, to see a byline with your name on it!

My dream has always been to be an author of a fantasy book. For the last few decades I’ve found that I especially like to read contemporary fantasy. Charles de Lint, Simon Green, Neil Gaimon, Stephen King are some of my favourite writers. Although I did have a falling out with Stephen King a few decades ago but I like his new books like “The Dome”, and “Doctor Sleep”. It kind of irritated me that he wrote about a dome since the books I’ve been trying to write since I was 20 have a dome. He got there first because…

Sometimes it can feel lonely at a party

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Low Spirits

I was feeling down in the afternoon. So much so that I ate way too much. I made Fried Mince which is a Scottish hamburger dish that my mother used to make. I hadn’t had it in many years. I used two small packages of beef, and a can of condensed potato soup. There was only one serving bowl left after I chomped through about three bowlfuls. I almost felt bulimic from the guilt of allowing myself to overeat so much. I hadn’t felt that way for decades. But I was upset.

It’s the weekend!

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Farmers Market

In my home town, Fredericton, my family went to the Boyce Farmers Market every Saturday morning. My parents always made two stops. The first was to buy cheddar. The big orange cheese rounds were displayed on the table, and the merchant would cut off a big triangle for us. We never bought cheese at the grocery store. The other stop was for fresh fish. The fish merchant drove up from the coast for the market. My Mum bought sole or haddock. Haddock is really the very best choice for fish and chips. Every Saturday night she made…

No, even Canadians elsewhere don’t live in igloos or skate to work.

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Most of Canada has mild springs, hot summers, colourful autumns, and brutally cold and snowy winters. The spring is very short with crocus, yellow daffodils, and bright tulips finally adding colour after a very long white winter. Summers are hot and humid with thunderstorms booming and lighting up the night sky. The fall is a long time of brightly coloured leaves, bonfires, harvest, Hallowe’en, and Thanksgiving. Winter is the point of no return. It stretches infinitely towards the horizon. On the coldest days the sky is as blue…

I never wanted a pony when I was a little girl.

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My daughter, however, did. So she ended up with a multitude of toy horses. Plastic ones, hobby horse ones — one even with sound effects. All kinds. Then while looking for an activity for spring break in about grade 3, we found a riding camp at a local stable. Granddad was happy to pay for the camp. She had fun there grooming the horses and getting to ride an hour or so a day. Nothing further happened with horses for another year or so.

Then in grade 5 we…


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