Happy Bride: How I Dumped the Wedding Industry
Sarah Schacht

Here in NYC weddings are a big deal, 99% of my friends regret spending $50000+ on a wedding- money they later wish they put toward a down payment on a place to live.

My wife and I got married in the Caribbean. I’d be surprised if we spent $10,000 including a week there for our honeymoon after everyone left. ( and it was by no means a cheap or “budget” place as a matter of fact they had a butler for each floor) Of course there are downsides, a couple of my close friends were unable to come. You don’t want to go during hurricane season ( if you have to go during hurricane season, Aruba is where you want to go- below the hurricane belt)

I feel bad when I go for my walks on the boardwalk and see people getting married on a NYC beach, overcast sky, reddish brown sand, nasty water and a fake ass palm tree- surely paying far more than we did. But to each their own, I just mention destination weddings as something for people to consider.

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