Thank you for your comment, penguininvestor.
Jane Hwangbo

I apologize for my less than eloquent criticism, I do need to learn that not everyone is as thick skinned as I am and I don’t come on here looking to upset anyone.

I’m fully aware that you didn’t create your quiz just for me and what I failed to convey with my remark about the “parents” question was that it doesn’t take into account people who grew up in a single parent household,or with same sex parents, or someone who grew up in a group home etc. there may even be some people that would find the question sexist. Im just offering a different point of view, at the end of the day it’s your product and you do with it as you see fit.

If I recall there was link for personal coaching you offer at the bottom of your article and the more people you can relate to, the more people you can help- that’s all I’m saying. It’s important that people learn about money and I’m always amazed by how many people know so little about the subject.

Best wishes

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