A Total Lie
Lauren Dillon

I’ll give you Donald Trump’s secret to success:

Step one- be born the son of a millionaire builder/developer

Step two- Get a loan from your pops for $1,000,000- not a bad chunk of change today but it had far more purchasing power in the 1970's

Step three- buy property in Manhattan in the 1970's at (literally in some cases) fire sale prices when New York was a shithole.

Ok, you basically get the idea. Usually here would be where I go on a rant about all the “education” on real estate investing and how people don’t perform their due diligence before purchasing these programs, but this ones different because he’s a well known developer. I won’t go as far as to say he intended to outright defraud people ( the guys a billionaire, I'd like to believe a few million bucks to him probably isn’t worth the trouble) but at the very least if he’s going to put his name on something he should’ve performed his due diligence to ensure the people running it are doing the right thing.

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