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The Emotional Burden of Debt
Jane Hwangbo

Terrible quiz. One question is “are your money habits more like your mother or father?” Your only options are mother or father. My answer would be neither (they were both terrible with money) Also it doesn’t seem to differentiate mortgage from credit card debt or if that mortgage is on personal or investment property. I was unable to finish it after the money habits of parents question due to the lack of a sufficient option for answering.

Aside from that I liked the article, people don’t tend to focus on the emotional burden of debt. Perhaps some studies should be done on the brains of so called “dead beats”. People that don’t pay their rents,loans etc. weather they have the money or not and it doesn’t bother them. I’m in no way condoning not paying your bills, simply suggesting maybe it can be learned why some people don’t stress and that in turn someday may help others.

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