De-hydration …

Lips Chapped.

Tongues tired.

Mouth Dry.

Face red.

No mam, i am not talking about a romantic novel. I am talking about the wonderful feeling of kissing my girlfriend.Have you read novels where they describe kissing as an act of 2 souls meeting or when you kiss its like the world stay still ? well with my girlfriend its kinda true.

I will draw you through some steps on how my gf kisses. this is totally out of experience and non is imagined.

Step 1 : Prepare the person your goring to kiss with huge green/blue weather dependent eyes

Step 2 : roll out your awesome looking tongue

Step 3 : Only a little bit , you dont want to be like miley cyrus

Step 4 : Clutch the other persons head on the back and push towards your face as you are too lazy to move forward.

Step 5 : Tilt your head to a 35* angle.

Step 6 : Clasp the mouth of the other persons mouth with ur beautiful tongue

Step 7 : Start sucking their soul and bodily fluids

Steps 8 : tilt your head to the side, roll your tongue into their mouth in and out

Step 9 : repeat till steps 5–8 till the other person is a mummy with no liquids ( bodily) in them

Steps 10 : Gleam happily at your bf after kissing the girl to make him jealous

I always suggest the other party a good 2 litres of water and rest after dehydrati — i mean kissing her. Man she makes it so sensual and … oh well

Just as an FYI this is the definition of Oral Rehydration solution by W.H.O

  1. Oral rehydration therapy (ORT) is a fluidreplacement strategy used to prevent or treat dehydration, most commonly that caused by diarrhea. It involves drinking water with modest amounts of sugar and salt added, while continuing to eat.

So its a kiss , but more of an ORT ? …

I cant wait for one from you tonight my queen. I LOVE YOU..

PS. I know u said you wanted an article on a tongue…thats for another day … MUAAH>>

TE IUBESC … please de-hydrate me next pleasee!!

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