Ok so im a busy worker at work.. and im always on the plane. I spend less then 8 hours with my gf on skype … Only the first part of that sentence is true. I spend millions of happy (if not begging) hours with my gf . She means the world to me . One compliant i always had with my gf was her goodbyes. They were as she is Robotic. Sometimes they are filled with love and emotion … and most times it is filled with burden and OMFG !! let me go ( im that type of person…never let go.. LET ITTT GOOO….LETT IT GOOOO…i hate that song)

There are several ways my gf reacts to saying good bye…here are a few

  1. we had a huge fight..we just made up (Response : Goodbye) : Bubu : Ty..and i love you…and im sorry i annoyed you … (Bla bla) . Cris : Ok bye bye..
  2. Never say love you till he begs it out of you ( Response : Goodbye with a Smiley) : Bubu : I love you … i love you ( i tell it in english , romanian, emoticons, memes..) Cris : I know ☺ ❤ (the heart she adds so that i dont go crazy)
  3. Make him feel bad that he begging for an I love you mulitple times as he is a OCD patient(Response : Read receipt) : Bubu : I love you so much … Cris : I love you too , muah , sleep tight, dream short .. Bubu : I love you so much … Read @ 8.30 Am .. (10 minutes later) MUAH …. (3 days later .. Read @ 8.45 AM) (Some call this stalking…i call it love and attention) .
  4. If you are going on a long vacation make sure he misses you (Response : leave suddenly and say i will call you in the morning) . Bubu : i will miss you so much :cris : i know .. i will too :bubu: let me call you .. , Cris : i will call you in the morning.. now bye … Muah …te iubesc (I promise i never stayed awake for her to call me… PROMISE)
  5. If you are leaving…make him feel special (Response : Give him a kiss..and tell him u love him) … and my friends…she doesn't even need to say it…i can feel it fill me up .. her love for me … (Awww… ur a poop head bubu)

I am leaving on a one week trip tomorrow … and yeah i am making a big deal out of it.. believe it or not ( u will believe it if u see my figure…im so outdoorsy…i mean … i look hot) that i havent been out for a long time. And especially when my girl is there for me. Like i said in millions of articles before and millions of articles to come …

I love you peach…

Peach : Thank you… :D

I will dump you

Peach : Sure …

Bubu : I love you

Peach : too me,too me

Bubu : fuck you

Peach … : mmm

The fuck u part i just made up btw…(Fantasy) … and this playful banter continues …