Objects, Gifts and more intangible things that can drive u to craziness on a non-sleepy day (Period,…long title)

Welcome ladies and gentlemen(right…more like men) and that special lady who is probably the only one reading this article… welcome to my latest rant on insignificant things that are made a big deal only to be realized are foolish enough to be written here.

Ok so here continuing the series of advice where i tell potential boyfriends on avoiding some common pitfalls.

Ever came up a situation where ur loved one is wearing objects given by some fucking asshole fucked up short little… ok … before i go on … lets just say given by X , that fucking shit fuck faced…okay OKAY … given by X and it pisses u off ?

here are the steps to rid ur self of anger

1 . kill X that stupid dickheaded. . okay … you know X ..

2. request ur girlfriend to use other objects / things she has ( Red alert : this will end up in the worst fight and she will wear it forever…lol… no im serious for everrr)

3. Buy more expensive and wonderful objects/gifts that fancies ur girlfriend ( this can be both expensive on ur card and ur annual budget)

in the end… why dont you just ignore it and just accept it as another object that ur gf has..and u will live happily after…dont associate the object to the person who gave it ( to X…that filthy son of a B#@#%) , i mean you know ?? :D

happy life…

P.s I love

P.P.S throw about those shit stuff

p.p.p.s just kidding…

p.p.p.p.s maybe not… u know

p.p.p.p.p.s u know whatever… Love u xoxo

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