What my girl never did for me

Ohh yeah , its that kind of story … Have u ever felt that you put more into a relationship than your partner ever did , yet still take the credit for bearing with you ?

Ooops … i said it … im probably going to be banned on all social networking and mobile sites ever. (damm you idiot…calm down…calm down….)

In a recent delightful conversation with my girlfriend she said she made some sacrifices … and i kept wondering what she meant by that

here all all the sacrifices she made in our relationship

  1. she stopped talking to a couple of guys who were wasting our time ( oh wait… im such a controlling bustard… to her defence… i shouldn't be jealous in the first place)
  2. She talked to me personally for hours and hours and i still wanted more skype after 9 hours of just talking to me ( oh wait, at work — i cant talk personal stuff , after work she was tired…so yeah im a needy basturd!! (to her defence i was)
  3. She spent thousands of dollars on me personally… yay ( yep she did… in her defence she had millions of dollars of property to share…so i cant be blaming her to be greedy)
  4. She always had to bear my in securities ( yep back to jealousy … again… DOH im such an idiot)
  5. I was so needy… all the time… SEND PICTURE….TALK TO ME…>TELLL ME ( yep i was the annoying boyfriend/stalker who wanted to see her face every minute…sue me)
  6. She had to be the man in the relationship ( sorry, my balls were chopped when i was a boy…infact im a eunuch)
  7. she had to listen to my sorry apologies after a fight everytime… i bet it was so sacrificial to read my sorry shit everyday

The list is longer, i know she has a million more that im too ignorant to look at… she is the greatest woman i have met ( sure i havent met a lot…but still thats saying a lot)

I talk to you directly now… i know what you did for me….i know what i did to you … look if you see a relationship as just a long list of stuff you did for me , then we have been in an improper relationship.

i dont know why i want to force you to tell me i love you … (it goes against all im saying that i changed..)

its just that i feel im making no difference in where we are everyday… sure ur my best friend in the world… right now i want to break you into a million pieces and leave, but u and me both know im too much of a pussy to do that.. (i think u will be rolling ur eyes by this time…if u read this far along without banning me).

Sacrifice one last time. Give me a chance, i dont need a girlfriend. i need my old time back, i want to live in my old memories again.. i dont want to be the memory of someone who suffocated you , i want you to be happy with what i can be.

your idiot who loves u


P.S i feel proud i can turn such a negative beginning to a postive article…so proud!!

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