I am hiring self-motivated upsellers

I am sorry, but that is fucked up.

Please run while you can, unless you are a masochist!

That’s how you should read a job add that uses any of those words. Self-motivated people are the ones accountable for their own motivation. The company plays no part in it. That means you are going to get beaten up everyday until you can no longer take it and once you get there a new ad will show up (in the case it has been removed).

No wonder why there are so many ads using those words. Can’t people see? Something is broken in those companies. Their employees are just instruments that sustain a broken administration.

I believe company culture is the main motivator there is. People have jobs to be done, needs, pains, gains, dreams, you name it! (Actually I have a list of these – Oops! that’s me crossselling ). Every interaction they have, be it with people or artifacts, counts for their motivation. Environment, context, life.

There is no such thing as self-motivated people. There are self-motivated administrators or managers and they are the root cause of this kind of ads. Too much self-motivation to have empathy or anything close to that. That’s right, I have just called some people psychopaths and their companies sociopaths. Period.

If people have jobs to be done, needs…it’s time to talk about upselling. Shouldn’t a good seller find out precisely what are the customers’ needs? Think about it, as you get to know your customer better you become more accurate in satisfying his needs. This is how I envision the evolution of the customer lifecycle .

So what the hell is upselling? I don’t get it. The real seller should have empathy, attitude and what else it takes to accelerate the process of getting to know a customer better. Here comes empathy again. Maybe empathy is the missing piece for people who use those terms and create those ads or run those companies.

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