Why I’ve spent a semester of middle school without a backpack.

Originally published at tumblr.bensites.com on Janurary 5th, 2016. I’ve continued this.

Backpacks are annoying. They (sometimes) cut into your next, they weigh a lot, and they’re a bit annoying to carry around everywhere. Plus, having a bunch of space encourages you to carry more stuff, and it gets heavier and heavier.

So I bought myself a computer sleeve, which included a pocket for papers and cords, and a double sided zipper binder, and set my backpack aside. Turns out, I really only need the computer sleeve, except for a couple of days when I have classes that require more papers.

Paper on the left, laptop on the right.

My pocket of cords and supplies. It’s nice and organized, and has more space then my old backpack did for the same pocket.

I scan my papers when possible, and discard them, so at most I carry around 20 papers at once. It weighs little, and is super easy to carry. I haven’t had any problems with it.

I organize my papers by the date I last used it, and since I only have 20 papers, I can quickly scan through them. Although I don’t have tabs, it becomes easier for me to put my stuff in the right place, so I lose less papers. Sadly, teachers who hand back everything at once become your organization system’s enemy, and it becomes harder to keep everything, but I take them home and drop them off into a bin of archived papers.

Since my school doesn’t use papers after the quarter they were assigned, after each quarter, I remove all my papers, and put them in the bin or archived papers.

It’s been super nice, and I’ve gotten all my stuff into something I can easily access.

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