1. Your half of the apple

You grew up with the idea that you are the strong one. 
You grew up with the idea that being independent from anything and anyone is the only way to happiness and freedom.

You always thought that you could also be the other half of the apple. 
You always thought nothing could ever change that.

One day happens something very unexpected.
Your crunchy shining full apple, one night in autumn, meets another red, beautiful full apple and they start eating each others. 
You like the other apple so much, that you don’t realise how deeply is the other apple eating you.

All of a sudden you wake up and half of your apple is gone. It is gone. 
You are not a full apple anymore. 
Is that bad ? I don’t know. Finally someone made it to arrived to your apple core and see how it looks like from the inside… And he says that is actually pretty cool. More than you red and shining peel.

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