Best peace of Beauty

We can be very imperfect… catastrophic… weak.

All this can just happens in one wrong day, when everything looks grey to our subjective vision of the life.

We wake up and the sun is not shining, the life we are living is not the right one, something needs to be changed and we don’t know what it is exactly, we need to be unhappy for something but we don’t distinguish…. we are not sure… but we cry.

That day is the day we cry and we freak out and we don’t know WTF it is.

But then…After the storm… Just the day after… We come back to be the real expression of perfectionism, strength, positiveness, creativeness and beauty.

We wake up, we sing in the shower, we dress up nicely, we put the music loud, we look outside and the sun is shining and we are ready to share our energy and smile to whoever we meet.

We have an artistic soul and a crazy mind.

We overthink and we overreact.

The best piece of nature.

No controllable, no extinguishable.