For the longest time in my life, I’ve always shone in my studies. At some point I believed education chose me even before I was conceived. I was the kind you call an “A” student right from kindergarten. Credible sources tell me, that as a child, my fellow classmates fought among themselves to sit next to me whenever the term commenced, to at least tap into my overflowing knowledge and fast learning skills.

This changed few weeks ago when I decided to learn a new skill. The type of skill I had been passionate about but for one reason or another, I never pursued it seriously. Programming Skills. At the back of my head, this was going to be an easy walk, just like the others. After all, I was smart, a fast learner and education chose me. I researched and came across Andela. I loved the fact that it embraced everyone with or without programming background, dedicated four years to train one to become world-class programmer and paid them while at it!I then made a decision to pursue it with my all.

The introduction to the modules sounded pretty exciting, I studied the whole day. This boosted my confidence even more. Little did I know what was awaiting. Self-taught Coding from scratch. I remember staring at the codes cluelessly for hours, making unanswered calls to my “techie” friends and watching YouTube tutorials which sounded like Greek. I had encountered a challenge. A major challenge.

Deep down, I had a bittersweet feeling because I loved challenges but then, I was stuck. This drove me to a mini-depression since I took it personal. For a few days, I stayed away from the modules preparing for a comeback because I couldn’t lose easy. During the break, I interacted with a mentor who encouraged me to change my attitude and embrace a learning spirit. A learning spirit that was accompanied by great motivation because I was passionate about this.

With a changed mindset, I began my journey. I pressed on. There were days when I met dead ends but I remained peaceful and pushed the next day till I cracked a code, understood a concept and mastered how it worked. The journey has just began and I see a great person in me in the Tech World. I become better every single day and as we speak, I am not the same person I was 1 month ago. Challenges make me better. And its in the greatest challenges that the best are bred.