“Oh!I think i know what the problem is !!”

These have become one of my favorite lines since the boot camp commenced. The words are a breath of fresh air every time i’m trying to debug a code. The existing fellows seem to know it all and that makes it difficult to believe that they were once in my position. Especially when one comes up to my working station, frustration written all over my face and with one look at my code, she/he clicks one or two keys and there it is! A solution.

One of the main reasons I decided to apply for the boot camp apart from pursuing my passion, was and still is my hunger for constant growth. A talk with the campus director yesterday convinced me even more that I made the right decision to apply. He mentioned that one month from now I’ll be looking back (probably going through these blog posts) and laughing at myself.


I’ll have made massive progress because Andela is all about making progress. Being unproductive and stagnant are foreign in this organization. I’ll say one or two about my director. Wisdom is his middle name. Humble his other name and real his last name. He spews wise words that bring soberness to one’s mindset and peace to one’s state. His realness is out of this world. He tells you as it is, and hopes that you take it in with a lot of maturity and wisdom for purposes of growth.

My time in the boot camp so far has made me brush shoulders with very talented people whose stories are very inspiring. And one common thing about them is persistence, self belief and growth mindset. I’m working on a console application project that can only be executed by the above mentioned skills together with the technical skill. And the more i get deeper into bringing it to life, the more I learn. My project is my teacher at this point and its pretty exciting. My experience is packed with “Ah, so that’s how this works” . Its mind probing and time flies while at it. I like it.

Did I mention collaboration? Allow me to open a bracket. Back then, when a woman got married, she was regarded as the wife to the family (not to a certain mister). When she birthed, her baby was referred to as the child of the whole community. This meant that, if any older person felt that the child was going out of line, he or she had the right to punish her without any fear of confrontation from the child’s parents or guardians. The whole community brought up the child into values they believed mattered.

In Andela, one can literally stop anyone and seek help or offer help. People bear each other’s burdens. Andela lives its values; Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration. I love it.