Spark Restructuring

Moving into a new semester, Spark is not only evolving our visual identity, but also how we run internally to help our teams work more effectively. In particular, we’re creating 2 separate teams with different project cycles to each focus on a different demand and group of students.

Staying true to our promise of beginner-friendliness, Spark Blue is designed for dev&design novices to learn more purposefully through 6 weeks of lesson-based bootcamp followed by a shorter 4-week project development period. …

a behind-the-scenes walkthrough of our redesign process

After our first semester, we took note of several areas for improvement, and first on the list was a reevaluation of our branding and visual identity.

The most obvious and difficult change we decided to make was to change our organization name. Despite being the result of hours of name brainstorming, “Penn Creative Labs” ironically did not feel creative enough for our club, and we were (understandably) questioned several times about our possible overlap and confusion with similar-sounding clubs on campus. Given this, we decided to rename the club along with a visual rebrand for the new semester. …

Penn Spark

We're a community of creatives at the University of Pennsylvania.

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