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Laws without morals are useless: A letter from the University of Pennsylvania community

U Penn Community
Jan 31, 2017 · 36 min read
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Dear Senators, Representatives, and Public Officials:

We are outraged by President Trump’s immigration bans, and we believe you should be, too.

We are students, faculty, scientists, administrators, and alumni of the University of Pennsylvania. We traveled here from across the United States and around the world to work, study, and learn from peers we would have never encountered at home.

We follow those who first did so 275 years ago, in an abandoned schoolhouse at the foot of Independence Hall, to begin a new type of higher education — one that would teach them the tenets of civic responsibility, rather than the rules of the church.

We condemn the fear, anger, and political self-interest at the heart of President Trump’s actions. We reject the claims he makes in the name of our safety.

We embrace our colleagues and classmates separated forcibly from their families overseas, and we stand in solidarity with those whose lives our leaders have placed in grave danger.

We expect the country that welcomed our families to reclaim its strength and embrace its role as a home for those who seek freedom from tyranny.

President Trump’s immigration bans displace our classmates and separate us from our teachers and friends. We demand that you, as our representatives, work to block and overturn these orders and other policies that run counter to American values. We insist that you withhold your consent to the appointment of judges and officers of the United States, especially nominees to the Supreme Court, who would support similar policies that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, and national origin.

As our University’s motto notes, laws without morals are useless. Freedom of expression, association, and belief are the moral bedrock of our nation’s laws, as well as the foundation of our community. When those and other freedoms are threatened, we will not be silent or silenced.

We are ready to fulfill our civic responsibilities and protest injustice. We hope you are, too.


Roya Rashtchi (Wharton student)

Naveed Amalfard (WG '18)

Abdul Hakeem (Wharton Student)

Mitch Gainer (Wharton Student)

Dr. Smita Mukherjee (Wharton)

Matthew Premus (Wharton Student)

Lauren Alliegro (Wharton Student)

Daniella Negron (Wharton Student)

Robin Kendall (Wharton MBA)

Shelby Murrin (Wharton Graduate Student and Undergrad Alum)

Alice Huck (Wharton)

Mike Djilani (Wharton/College Alum)

Alex Kubo (Wharton)

Illya Symonenko (Wharton)

Jessica Blum (Wharton)

Samuele Baronchelli (Wharton Student Class of 2018)

Andrew Chang (Wharton Student)

Aroon Vijaykar (Wharton Student)

Danielle Gorman (Wharton Student)

Clifford Marks (Medical/Wharton Student)

Matthew Delaney (Wharton Student)

Antonia Singleton (Wharton Student)

Ayushi Gummadi (Wharton Student)

Angelinda Chen (Wharton Student)

Stanley Zheng (Wharton)

Caroline Chung (Penn Med)

Edward Linton (Perelman school of medicine)

Cole Thompson (Med student)

Esther Baranov (Medical Student)

Emily Kossow (Penn Med)

Julio Lopez (Perelman School of Medicine and Wharton)

Madeline Kaufman (Penn Med)

Aimee Juan (UPenn, Medical student)

Zachary Troy Roberts (4th year medical student, Perelman School of Medicine)

Kimberly Shao (Penn Med)

Kathryn Paolucci (Medical Student)

Alexander Suarez (Penn Med Student)

William Bassett (Medical Student)

Loren Mead (Medical Student)

Phillip Cohen (Perelman School of Medicine)

Alex Mark (Wharton MBA)

Rebecca Kim (Penn Med student)

Charity Wollensacn (Wharton)

Sarah nutman (Medical Student)

Nathan Lipkin (Wharton Student)

Naveen Jain (MD/PhD Student)

Roger Murayi (Perelman School of Medicine)

Anne Duckles (Medical/MPH Student)

Rebecca Abelman (Medical Student)

David Feig (Wharton Student)

John Peters (Medical Student)

Elizabeth Albert (Medical Student)

Alexis Gomez (Penn medical student)

Parth Patel (Perelman School of Medicine)

Brian Mugo (Perelman School of Medicine)

Niklaus Evitt (PennMed Student)

Anisha Arora (Wharton student)

Anastasia Vishnevetsky (Penn Med Student)

Aya (Wharton Student)

Nafeesa Laiwalla (Wharton Student)

Pratyusha Yalamanchi (Penn Med and Wharton)

Sila Bal (Penn Med)

Victoria Benjamin (Wharton Student)

Andrew Becker (Medical Student 2018)

Alexander Jordan (Perelman School of Medicine Student)

Alison Liewen (SOM)

David Gogel (Wharton Graduate Student, Undergraduate Alumni)

Samantha Slomiak (Medical Student)

Claire Tramm (Wharton Student)

Anthony Martín (Perelman School of Medicine)

Arthi Kumaravel (Medical Student)

John Li (Medical Student)

Manvi Goel (Wharton student)

Christopher Magoon (Perelman School of Medicine)

Jonathan Chan (Wharton Student)

Gautam Kamath (Wharton Student)

Ashish Thakrar (Medical Student)

Sutton Higgins (Medical Student)

Amy Davis (Perelman School of Medicine Student)

Katie Dalldorf (Medical student)

David Gassko (Wharton Student)

Tara Ramaswamy (Med student)

Huda Almanaseer (Wharton Student)

Kristy Wiehe (Wharton Student (MBA 2018))

Gabriel Elsner (Wharton Student)

Jonathan Delikat (Wharton Student)

Gaurav Shukla (Master of Medical Physics Student)

Joshua H. Sperling (Perelman school of Medicine)

Christopher DeFrancesco (Medicine)

Elizabeth Card (Medical Student)

Neerali Shah (Wharton student)

Lindsey Fernandez (Engineering PhD Student)

Hao-Hua Wu (Medical Student)

Ritika Chaturvedi (Penn Engineering PHD)

Felicitas Jorge (Wharton Student)

Allison Toman (Wharton MBA student)

Rupak Bhuyan (Med student)

Elizabeth Matis (Wharton)

Elena Chit (WG '18)

Gregory Kennedy (Medical Student)

Olivia Delia (Perelman School of Medicine)

Laura Neubauer (Perelman School of Medicine Student)

Charles Ha (Wharton MBA)

Hridya Ravimohan (Wharton Student)

Davis Filippell (Wharton)

Shilpa Kumar (Wharton Student)

Preya Shah (Medical Student)

Tala Al Jabri (Wharton MBA student)

Alexander Gill (Medical Student)

Tanya Khan (Medical Student)

Jessie Spellman (C'11, GSE '13, WG '18)

Denise Wang (Wharton Student)

Debbie Lam (Wharton)

Emily Brown (Perelman School of Medicine, Class of 2018)

Isabel Vasconez (Wharton)

Henry Lau (Wharton Student)

Alycia So (Penn Med Student)

Elizabeth Tang (WG'17, L'17)

Christina Nguyen (Wharton MBA Student)

Max Levy (Undergraduate C17)

Niyoshi Patel (Wharton / College)

Michael Yamnitsky (Wharton Student)

Emily Tung (Wharton Student)

Andrew Chang (SAS'18)

Gome Gomez (College Alumnus)

Megha Bansal (Wharton Student)

Colin Robinson (Wharton Student)

James Baier (Medical Student)

Michael Harker (Wharton MBA)

Sabrina Chu (Wharton Student)

Laurie Josephson (Wharton Student)

Ishan Shah (Wharton)

Julia Sher (CAS 2013)

Ben Gu (Perelman School of Medicine)

Jackon Burke (CAS '18)

Jeffrey Kahn (Wharton Student)

Neal SenGupta (Wharton)

Radhika Chopra (Wharton)

Jackie Chayet (Wharton)

Jessica Zuo (Medical Student)

Lauren Miller (Penn Med/Wharton)

Ivy Maina (Perelman School of Medicine student)

Yann Manibog (Wharton)

Hannah Fagin (Undergraduate Student)

Moises Cohen (Wharton Student)

Alex Wittenberg (Wharton Student)

Anandita Krishnamachari (Alumni)

Rose Yaguchi (Wharton Student)

Vinayak Uppal (Wharton student)

Daniel Gromer (Medical Student)

Kennan Cronen (Wharton MBA)

Ash Malleck (Wharton student)

Mohammad Hassan Lotfi (Penn Engineering Student)

Michael Rahman (Wharton MBA)

Emily Weber (Wharton)

Dena Gaviola (Wharton student)

Sara Leitner (WG '18)

Yvonne Liu (Wharton Student)

Siddharth Kant (Wharton MBA)

Anita Chen (Wharton Student)

Yue Li (Wharton)

Adam Adenwala (Perelman School of Medicine)

GAPSA Executive Board (Penn's Graduate Student Government)

Jaime Najarro (Wharton Student)

Rachel Gevirtz (Wharton Student)

Amira Valliani (Wharton)

Oliver Palley (Wharton Student)

Adnan Sajjad (Wharton)

Ben Harms (Wharton student)

Sisco Fernandez (Wharton Student)

Naihua Gong (Perelman School of Medicine)

Allison Dender (Wharton MBA Student)

Sabrina Gill (Perelman School of Medicine)

Lauren Baker (Wharton Student)

Jared Horvitz (Wharton Student)

Steven Lipner (Wharton Student)

Nora Becker (Medical Student)

Betty Lee (Wharton Student)

Nikhil Nayak (Wharton MBA)

Lisa Yang (Wharton Student)

Mark Barry (Medical Student)

Tawnee Sparling (Med student)

Lily Seidel (Wharton MBA)

Daniel Michel (Wharton Student)

Varanjot Kaur (Wharton Student)

Rebecca Brown (Undergraduate student)

Itamar Rahabi (Wharton student)

Anita Sekar (Wharton)

June Wu (WG17)

Grace Schutze (Wharton Student)

Ari Zelman (Wharton Student)

Akbar Hossain (Penn Law)

Elizabeth wintle (Wharton)

Luke pryor (Wharton)

Yernar Kades (Wharton student)

Nicole Moomjy (Wharton Student)

Shayaan Nadeem (Wharton MBA)

Jennifer Auvray (Wharton graduate)

Amro Messaoudi (Wharton MBA)

Andrea Klestadt (Wharton Student)

Sarra Demashkieh (Wharton Student)

Melody Chen (Wharton Student)

Dhruv Vasishtha (Wharton MBA)

Roseann Day (Perelman School of Medicine)

Ambika Roos (Wharton MBA student)

Rachel Belzer (Wharton Student)

Robert Habib (Wharton student)

Amy Duffuor (Wharton Student)

Yan Zhou (Wharton Student)

Ali Long (Wharton Student)

Jake Silverman (Wharton)

Remy Wheat (Wharton MBA Student)

Steve Rizoli (Wharton MBA)

Nadine Orosa (WG '97)

Lucas Tejwani (Law & Engineering Student)

Vik Srinivasan (WG 18)

Harry Du (Penn Alum)

Giovanna Paz (College)

Andrew Grossman (Wharton student)

Lauren Pruitt (UPenn Student)

Vijay Kalvakuntla (Wharton Student)

Michael Randall (Med Student)

Kevin Song (Wharton Student)

Michie Adachi (Wharton Student)

Ioana Ioanovici (Wharton student)

Piyush Khandekar (WHARTON)

Luke Valenta (Engineering/Computer Science PhD)

Tim Horvat (Wharton MBA)

Raya Musallam ((College '13))

Lauren Comisar (Perelman School of Medicine)

Macarena Gil (Wharton)

Jessica Dong (Perelman School of Medicine & Wharton)

Kembrel Jones (Deputy Vice Dean)

Akhil Gupta (Wharton Student)

Maria Pacheco (Wharton)

Justin Grischkan (Innovation Center)

Alexandre Teixeira (Wharton Student)

Stephen Snyder (Wharton Student)

Koehler Briceño (Wharton student)

Ross Ionta (Wharton Student)

Mitchel Bergson (Wharton Student)

Julia Pei (Wharton student)

Mary Gamber (Wharton)

Karen Aguirre (Wharton Student)

Maryam Suleman (Wharton)

Saba Shafi (Wharton)

Frank Ballard (Wharton MBA / Lauder Institute of International Studies)

Vidya Dabir (Wharton)

Sebastian Rodriguez ((Wharton))

Sumiko Taku (Wharton Student)

Margot Prendergast (Wharton Student)

Nidhi Shah (Wharton Lauder Student)

Jackson Hui (Wharton)

Reinaldo Perez (Penn Med Student)

Ghassan Kara (Wharton Student)

Brandon Jones (Wharton)

Linh Lam (Wharton Student)

Marianna Tishchenko (Wharton Student)

Monica Myers (Wharton Alum)

Oladayo Osuntokun (Perelman school of medicine)

Charnice Barbour (Wharton Student)

Daniel Sprecher (Wharton Student)

Chase Gray (WG '17)

Bin Xie (Wharton Student)

Alessia Bhargava (Wharton student, medical student)

Roshni Naidu (Wharton Student)

Marielle Young (Wharton Student)

Simone Thomas (Wharton Student)

Victoria Klevan (College student)

Nicholas Lim (CAS '15)

Lauren Reed-Guy (Medical Student)

Alexandra DeLaney (Perelman School of Medicine, Ph.D.)

Liz Weiner (Wharton Student)

Yasmina Al Ghadban (College Student)

Arjun Baskaran (Wharton Student)

Jeffrey Lin (Perelman School of Medicine)

Cornelia Moore (Wharton Student)

Maureen Leitner (U Penn Undergraduate)

Filipe Nunes (Wharton Student)

Christophe Williams (Wharton Student)

Kasey Hutcheson (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Hannah Sherry (Graduate Nursing Student)

Nicolas Raele (Wharton Student)

Noelle Yasso (Law '16)

Robert Rosenbleeth (Wharton MBA)

Emily Offit (Undergraduate Student)

Ilene Wasserman (Wharton Senior Leadership Fellow and Executive Coach)

Nathan Handley (Wharton student, Penn Medicine physician)

Daniel Sherman (WG '17)

Akilah Crichlow (Penn Grad Student)

Rachel Stonecipher (Annenberg School PhD Student)

Carl Madi (Wharton)

Peter Fishkind (President, University of Pennsylvania Law School Council of Student Representatives)

Lauren Marion (Wharton)

Becky Havivi (Penn Alumna)

Elizabeth Peartree (College of Arts and Sciences)

Vatsala Kabra (Wharton)

Kaylin Raby (SEAS undergrad)

Ambreen Sayed (Wharton Student)

Glenn Branscomb (Wharton Student)

Laura Harrison (Wharton Student, Law Student)

Jacob Van Houten (SAS)

Ankita Chadha (SEAS Undergrad)

Zach Sheinman (Wharton Student)

Willy Thomas (College Student)

Elizabeth Katen-Narvell (Wharton Student)

Vinayak Kumar (Perelman School of Medicine, Wharton School of Business)

Caroline Cummings (The College)

Boyce Whitesides (Wharton)

Shiv Sachdev (MBA Class '18)

Audrey Farber (College '09)

Jass chew (Wharton MBA student)

Shashaank Mishra (Wharton Student)

Eric Taitz (Wharton Student)

Juliet Zawedde (Wharton Student)

Priyadarshini Banerjee (Wharton)

Menelaos Mazarakis (Wharton student)

Christian Oussi (Wharton Student)

Gaurav Wallia (Student)

Judy Madden (B.A., College for Women, 1971; Ed.D. Graduate School of Education, 2006)

Nick Kim (Wharton Student)

Eryn Hughes (College Student)

Sanjula Weerawardhena (Wharton student)

Jack Wilkinson (Medical Student)

Kevin Chukuka (Wharton Student)

Ayan Aidid (UPenn Undergrad)

Rebecca Pels (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Siamak Sarvari (WG17)

Haley Russell (Wharton)

Mauricio Gándara Autrique (SAS Student)

jenny whealdon (Medical Student)

Stephanie Rodgers (Student)

Meghana Nallajerla (Undergraduate)

Ben Vinograd (Wharton and Penn Law Student)

Penny Metchev (C'12 W'12 WG'18)

Nina corcoran (Wharton)

Ariella Chivil (Penn Alum)

Max Goodman (Law Student Alumni)

Sara Wallace (Wharton Student)

Sophia Elliot (College Student)

Maya Arthur (CAS '18)

Naomi Gordon (School of Arts and Sciences)

Wesley Pritchett (WG 18)

Charles Dwyer (Wharton)

Stephanie Lee (UPenn student)

Kathleen Montgomery (Wharton Staff)

Gabriele Pigoli (Wharton)

Jennifer Kim (Wharton student)

Binu Nair (Wharton)

Matt Klein (Wharton MBA)

Eyad Ghazal (Wharton MBA)

Jiyoung Han (Wharton)

Meghana Golla (Penn Med)

Cora Neumann (Wharton Student)

Dan Kennedy (Wharton MBA Student)

Michael Youniss (College Student)

Ambar La Forgia (Wharton)

Richard Koo (Wharton)

Jordan Miller (School of Arts and Sciences)

Shaan Islam (Wharton Student)

Viet Nguyen (Wharton MBA)

Ziye An (Wharton MBA Student)

Lindsay Relihan (Wharton)

Chris Pozzi (Wharton Student)

Jason Han (Wharton STudent)

Eric Macias (Wharton MBA)

Gemma Moran (Wharton PhD Student)

Lauren daniels (Wharton student)

Elise Chen (Wharton MBA)

Stuart Craig (Wharton Doctoral Student)

Christopher Mountanos (College of Arts and Science Student)

Elena Hoffman (Penn CAS Student)

Shilpa rao (Wharton Alumni)

Brandon C. Mumby (Law '16)

Kara Silberthau (Medical student)

Mark Arpels Amez-Droz (Wharton MBA)

Danielle Rochford (UPenn LPS student)

Melody Wang (Wharton)

Michelle Xie (Wharton student)

Emily Brenes (Wharton student)

Evan Schladow (Wharton Alumnus, Law Alumnus)

Julia Olson (SAS Student)

Ras Gill (Wharton)

Kara Keenan Sweeney (Admin)

Jen Regan (Wharton MBA Student)

Caroline Landon (SEAS '18)

Tatiana Sheptock (Wharton Student)

Christine Goldrick (Wharton Student)

Maria Lozada (Faculty)

Mario Lanao (Engineering Alumni)

David Lobo (MBA Candidate)

Philip Cimbak (Wharton Student)

Louis Deloz (Wharton)

Lily Keohane (Nursing Student)

Giselle Aris (Wharton Student)

Sophie Thompson (Wharton student)

David Johnson (Wharton student)

Joanna Levy (Wharton student)

Jake Letson (Wharton student)

John Corbin Qian (Wharton Student)

Justin Menda (Two-time Penn grad (SAS BA, GSE M.Ed.))

Meriem Messaoudi (CAS '19)

Hannah Galin (Wharton Student)

Sisi Messick (Wharton)

Paola Garcia (Wharton Student )

Jeff Wellenbach (Wharton student)

Isabella Tang (Wharton Student)

Pragya Nandini (Wharton Student)

Ran Sun (Wharton)

Charlotte Thompson (Alumna)

Matt Passman (Wharton)

Ava Vandermeer (College of Arts and Sciences)

Molly Rose (Wharton student)

Sohaib Hashmi (School of Medicine and Engineering Student)

Jaidev Reddy (Wharton MBA Student)

Mike Kozlow (Wharton UGrad '13)

Shilpa Sethuraman (Wharton student)

Rebecca Gelfer (college student )

Kirtika Challa (Wharton Student)

Jeff Wellenbach (Wharton Student)

Snow Li (Wharton)

Shreshta Balachandar (Wharton/SAS Student)

Susan Wiener (Medical Student)

Michael Krone (Undergraduate Student)

Ahsan Rahim (Wharton Student)

Kristina Bolton (Penn GSE Student)

Irene Rivera Calderon (College 2012)

Emma McNamara (College Student)

Shanti Singh (C'11)

Kara Hardie (SAS Student)

Amrita sehgal (Wharton student )

Elizabeth Parsons (Wharton Student)

Rachel Gogel (U Penn Alumni)

Alana Zola (Wharton MBA Student)

Hena Mehta (Wharton MBA Student)

Philip Lambrakos (Wharton Student)

Charles McCarren (Wharton Student)

Kelly Chen (Wharton Student)

Andrew R. Neill (WG17)

Jeremy Wright (Engineering Student)

Angela Meng (Wharton student)

Hulya Miclisse-Polat (GSE Graduate Student)

Matthew Tookey (Wharton Student)

Ana Calvo (Wharton Student)

Steven Delcarson (Wharton Student)

Minesh Patel (Wharton Student)

Michael Goodwin (Wharton student)

Thomas Dixon (Premedical)

Quentin Chalvon (Wharton Student)

Gabrielle Hickmon (GSE Student)

Olivia Morrissey (Wharton Student)

Kyla Ayers (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Tonique Garrett (Law Student)

Mary Grace Tifft (Student)

Ada Kulenovic (Wharton Student)

Gonzalo Ferrer (Wharton student)

Juan C Serrano (Perelman School of Medicine)

Geoff Gusoff (Medical and Wharton Student)

Max Chou (Wharton)

Virginia Ng (Wharton Student)

Nicolette Johnson (Medical Student)

Tina Chen (Wharton Student)

Kristin Glaspie (Wharton Student)

Ananya Wanchoo (College of Arts and Sciences)

Jaipal Singh (Wharton School of Business)

Ryan Andrews (Wharton Student)

Olivia Blaber (college undergrad)

Mohona Paul (Wharton)

Karim El Sewedy (M&T Student)

Kyle Robertson (Wharton Student)

Eunhye Hong (Wharton Student)

Michelle Hassan (Wharton Student)

Ada Lio (Wharton)

Hanna Rogers (SP2/Perelman MBE Student)

Lucero Smith (College of Arts and Sciences)

Mymai Yuan (College Student)

Takayuki Honda (Wharton Student)

Alla Tsypenyuk (Wharton Student)

Nazik Zhumalieva (Wharton Student)

Rori Zane (Wharton Student)

Alberto Alvarado (Wharton Student)

Gary Weber (Wharton Student)

Teresa Galli (C'11)

Inna Plumb (Huntsman '11 Alumna)

Shaistah Bahrainwala (Wharton student)

Kevin Vichyastit (Wharton Student)

Sam Ryan (Engineering Student)

Glen (Law Student)

Jeremy Cohen (College Student)

Vivek Goyal (Wharton student)

Travis Mahoney (Wharton MBA Student)

Natasha Bandukwalla (Upenn)

Lola Liu (Wharton)

Rachel Johnson (Penn Med)

Tuonan Li (Wharton Student)

J.T. Kennedy (Wharton Student)

Yulani Smith (Wharton Student)

Edward Kreider (SOM)

Kyle Roeter (Wharton Student)

Ramon Burgos (Medical Student/Wharton Student)

Peter Herbst (Penn Student)

James Woods (Wharton MBA)

Sarah Byrd (Law school)

Monica Rondon (Social Policy and Practice)

Samuel Sidiqi (WG 04)

Vefik Emir Okan (WG17)

Gregory Moritz (Wharton Student)

Stefka Arbalova (College '10)

Geoff Kalan (Wharton Student)

Borjana Pesikan (Wharton Student)

Kelly Szafara (CAS Student)

Mohammed Bashkeel (Wharton Student)

Leah Novak (Law Student)

Camillia Nwokedi (Wharton Student)

Nicholas Tabor (Wharton/Law Student)

Avani Oswal (Wharton Student)

Christina Seong (Penn Law)

Cindy Liu (Wharton)

Roni Kisin (Faculty)

Hannah Bozian (Wharton Student)

Elizabeth Englert (Wharton student)

Mahrinah von Schlegel (Alumna)

Cassandra Wolcott (Wharton Student)

Yu Gu (Wharton)

Olivia Rauh (Law Student)

Irene Hong (Law Student)

Patrick Hardy (Wharton Student)

Xavi Argenté (Wharton student)

Cory Rosenfield (Wharton Student)

Su Gao (Wharton Student)

Sheri Jiang (Wharton Student)

Daniel Phillips (Wharton)

Maria Castaner (Penn Engineering Student)

Blair Gillespie (Wharton Student)

Jason Dresner (Wharton Student)

Katelyn Koh (Wharton Student)

Preston Landers (Wharton MBA Student)

Mary Johnston (Wharton Student)

Evan Slovak (Penn Law)

Sarah Munford (Wharton Student)

Dash Adam (Wharton MBA)

Claire Drolen (Medical Student)

Arman Ramezani (Wharton and SAS Student)

Carlos Bonilla (Wharton)

Samantha Apgar (School of Arts & Sciences)

Hoang Bui Nguyen (Perelman SOM)

Brandon Holler (Wharton Student)

Elisabet Bjanes (Perelman School of Medicine)

Julie Goodman (Wharton Student)

Meng-xi Hu (Wharton Alumni)

Kristina Wirkowski (College of Arts and Sciences)

Alexandria Okeke (MSW '17)

Lisa Jablonski (CAS 2004)

Sudhir Khetan (Bioengineering Ph.D. program alumnus)

Ekaterina Tolstaya (SEAS PhD)

Joseph Leong (Wharton Student)

Rachel Banks (College Student)

Daniel Du Pont (Medical Student)

Johanna-Laina Fischer (Physics Graduate Student)

Linda Yu (SAS graduate student)

Erin Fisher (Wharton Staff)

Sarah Budhiman (Wharton Student)

Jenna Kerner (Wharton Student)

Tara jain (Wharton student)

Navid Shirazi (Wharton Student)

Shreya Sriram (SEAS Student)

Emily Gray (Grad FNP)

Kian Samaee (SAS Student)

Brian Shah (Wharton)

Alan Bassini (Wharton student)

Matt Davis (Wharton Student)

Susana Medeiros (Law Student)

Anne Bracaglia (Law)

Rose Kenerson (Law Student)

Patrick Gadala-Maria (CAS '15)

Leah Zuroff (Perelman School of Medicine)

Chris Yu (MED)

Alison Coutifaris (U Penn Law Alumni)

Daniel Grinnan (Wharton Student)

Melody Yin (Wharton Student)

Kelechi Okereke (Wharton MBA)

Angela Wang (Wharton MBA)

Cassandra Fong (Wharton Student)

Dorothy Sienko CGS81 (Alumna)

Lorie Lin (Wharton Student)

Katie Baldwin Cramer (Wharton)

Ramon Jones (Wharton Staff)

Kristina Bruening (College Student)

Angie Ocampo (PhD Student, Sociology, School of Arts and Sciences)

Kevin Luan (Dental student)

Christina Chang (Wharton Student)

Natalie Parker (Fels Student)

Luisa Herrmann (SEAS '10)

Timothy Daubert (Wharton Student)

David Reiner (Biomedical PhD Student)

Joseph Lee (Fels)

Isabel taccheri (SP2 student MSW)

Michael Mitchell (Wharton Student)

Fen Guo (U Penn alumni)

Vahid Hoshmand (Engineering '16 Alum)

Kalie Wertz (Fels Student)

Brian Vo (WH '06, WG '16)

Ashley Nagaki (Wharton student)

Matt Dabaco (Wharton Student)

Carl Snodgrass (Law Student)

Margaret Haviland (Graduate Nursing student)

Jessica Reichsfeld (Wharton MBA '18)

Emily Liu (Wharton Student)

Samuel Ostroff (Penn Alumnus)

Elisheva Goldberg (College of Arts and Sciences)

Pankaj Jethwani (Wharton Student)

Divya Narayanan (Wharton Student)

Malu Malhotra (Penn Law Student)

Benedict Morrissey (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)

Rae Shih (Law Student)

Kieran Dunne (PhD Candidate)

Katie Roe (College Student)

Kate Parker (Wharton)

Maria Elisa Smith (Medical Student)

Marnina Cherkin (Penn Law)

Simom Basseyn (Wharton/Med)

Elena Modesti (College Student)

Faye fang (Wharton mba)

Jonathan Kaiser (Wharton WG17)

Sarah Taylor (Alumni)

Hari S. Kumar (College Student Class of 2020)

Simran Singh (Wharton)

Xin Fan (GSE)

Claire Hirschmann (Medical Student)

Mary Guo (Penn alumni)

Elijah Cory (C'17)

Dana Rosenzweig (Wharton)

Maxilia Arias (Wharton Student)

Amanda Wyatt (Wharton Student)

Nathan Long (Wharton Student)

Caroline Granath (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Eden Tanenbaum (SP2 Alumnus)

Christian Abou Tayeh (Wharton Student)

Alexandra Montgomery (PhD Candidate, History Department (SAS))

Peter Jablow (Liberal Arts)

Maura Schlaff (SAS Student)

Ciara Copell (Penn Law)

Nayeon Lee (Wharton Student)

Lena Evans (Wharton)

Anne Francois-Poncet (Wharton Student)

Swathi Putcha (Wharton Student)

Sophia Busacca (School of Nursing)

Karan Mehta (Engineering Student)

Melissa Asmar (Medical stident)

Emmanuel Chimezie (Wharton MBA/SEAS GENG)

Jossie Carreras (Medical student)

Siddharth Damania (Wharton Student)

Sharon Skinner (Wharton)

Celia Rodgers (CAS Alumna)

Sarah Welsh (Perelman School of Medicine, Ph.D.)

Remi Ogunro (Wharton Student)

Michael Yang (Engineering PhD)

Adele Hayer (Law student)

Tristan Clement (Wharton Student)

Abby Syverson (Penn Dental)

Aneesh Jain (Wharton/College '11)

Alexandra Altfeld Tesser (WU '11, WG '18)

Duc-Huy Nguyen (Penn Engineering Alumni)

Mona Kadouh (Wharton Student)

Cecily Rieser (College grad)

Amanda Robison (Wharton student)

Hanna Wang (Economics PhD student (SAS))

Amit Jayakar (Wharton Student)

Dhruv Jaggia (Wharton student)

Nick Rolfes (Wharton Student)

Audrey Wilson (Penn alum (SAS '13))

Robel Chiappini (Wharton Student)

Alli Folk (Wharton Student)

Sid Menon (Wharton MBA Student)

Rossa O'Keeffe-O'Donovan (PhD Student)

Stephen Kuhl (Wharton Student)

Zhiwei Hu (Wharton Student)

Viraj Patel (Wharton MBA'17)

Yasmine Novian (College Student)

Barry Johnson (Penn Undergrad (the College))

Ben Blanco (Wharton Student)

David Weinreb (Arts & Sciences, 2009)

Muhammad S Shoukat (Wharton MBA)

Julia Enyart (Wharton student)

Stephen Goldstein (PhD Student PSOM)

Ross Ahya (Wharton Student)

Chongsi Bi (Wharton Student)

Michael Finn (Wharton MBA)

Sandra Tyan (Wharton Student)

Maura Cassidy (Wharton MBA 2016)

Olivia Graham (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Esteban Toro (U Penn Postdoc)

Sai Rachoor (Wharton MBA Student)

Johanna Matt-Navarro (College of Arts and Sciences student)

Cameron Rouzer (Wharton Student)

Andrea Lloyd (PhD Candidate–Romance Languages)

Erin Smith (Law Student)

Aileen Fernandes (Wharton Student '11, G'18)

Andre Victor Luduvice (Economics PhD Student)

Jennifer Mao-Jones (Penn Law & Wharton Student)

Golda Harris (SAS Graduate Student)

Yuri Lee (Wharton MBA student)

Amy Kondo (Wharton Student)

Samantha Daniels (MSW '18)

Marina Isgro (PhD Candidate, SAS)

Karen Wong (C'10, L'16, WG'16)

Anthony GIn (Penn Law Alumni)

Tamara Amazan (Wharton Staff)

Sam Potter (College Student)

Alexia Jimenez (Wharton Student)

Anne Shen (Wharton)

Gregory Callaghan (PhD Student, Ancient History)

Katerine Jimenez (College Student)

David Towriss (Penn Law)

Aleina Edwards (SAS '17)

Twishmay Shankar (Wharton Student)

Alice Nawfal (Wharton Student)

Timothy Lucido (Wharton MBA Student)

Peter Aguilar (Wharton Student)

Chase Davidson (Wharton)

Zack Greenstein (College Student)

Julie McComish (Wharton Student)

Eric Schmitterer (Wharton Undergraduate Alum)

Sean Udell (Penn Med Student)

Whitney Stewart (UPenn Undergrad)

Carson Young (Wharton Student)

Liwei Zhou (Wharton student)

Amanda Irizarry (College 2017)

Duncan bays (Wharton)

Jeroen Eyckmans (Alumni Bioengineering)

Eric Salzberg (Wharton student)

Giuseppe Tallini (Engineering Student)

OreOluwa Badaki (Upenn Graduate School of Education Student)

Sona Parikh (Wharton Alum)

Will Xiong (Law Student)

Hillary Nguyen (C’18)

Owen O’Hare (Wharton undergrad)

Sara Young (CAS student)

Swathi Rao (Wharton Alumna)

Nikki Lin (College)

Luke Dougherty (Law Student)

Swathi Rao (Wharton Alumna)

Neha Gupta (College Student)

Jason Sugarman (Law student)

Alexandra Munson (Law Student)

Monica Benz (College of Arts Student)

Christine Jamieson (Wharton Alumna)

Karishma Popli (Perelman School of Medicine)

Swathi Rao (Wharton Alumna)

Jesse Barr (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Santosh G Vattam (CIS, SEAS)

Emma Ibrahim (Wharton Student)

Kendall DAmore (Wharton Student)

Kaliko Zabala-Moore (CAS Student)

Christina Piasecki (Undergraduate Student)

Swathi Rao (Wharton Alumna)

Swathi Rao (Wharton Alumna)

Swathi Rao (Wharton Alumna)

James Hui (Medical Student)

Sana Samnani (Wharton MBA Student)

Jenny Jin (Penn undergraduate alumnus)

Tahem Verma (College)

Sarah Kramer (Law Student)

Chantelle La Marr (Wharton Student)

Nate Rush (Wharton Student)

Carolynne Liu (College Student)

Kris Groh (LPS)

Nathaniel Mcleod (SAS College)

Naman Mehrotra (Wharton and Engineering Student)

Jessy Sandoval (Wharton)

Seferina Berch (Penn Law)

Josh Levine (SAS Student)

Kyung Park (Law Student)

Charles “Sam” Robinson (School of Arts and Sciences)

Anne-Marie Firth (Wharton Student)

Emily Rogers-Healion (Wharton)

Emily He (Wharton Student)

Emily Quinn (College Student)

Anthony Huh (Penn GSE)

Sarah Cai (Engineering Student)

Aparna Sharma (Wharton Student)

Brittany Hartmire (CAS Student)

Sonia Hussain (Wharton Student)

Lilly Zhong (Wharton MBA)

Tanvi Kapur (Wharton Student)

Thomas Delahouliere (CAS Student)

Sachi Sobti (WG’18 W’12 C’12)

Tiger Brown (Undergrad student — Wharton)

Ishank Gupta (Wharton Student)

Lyn Che (Alum)

David Sorge (SAS)

Richa Gupta (Wharton UG ‘11)

Divya Krishnan (SEAS’09, WG’16)

William Nguyen (Wharton MBA)

Alexis Marcionette (Student)

Elizabeth del Valle (WG16)

Stefano Pietrosanti (SAS)

Sarah Barakso Martin (College Student)

Hannah Zheng (Wharton)

Alexander Wang (Wharton Student)

Vibhav Chokhani (Wharton Undergrad Alumni)

Qiao Han (EAS ‘18)

Leah Johns (School of Arts & Sciences,’ 03)

Lila motemaden (School of nursing student)

Karren Knowlton (Wharton PhD student)

Victoria Chen (College student)

Maxwell Effron (Alum)

Kimberly Newman (College)

Catherine Mezzacappa (Penn Medicine)

Emma Morgenstern (Law Student)

Edgar Lopez (Wharton Undergrad)

Keya Dannenbaum (Wharton MBA)

Maura Douglas (LAW)

Jordan Sale (School of Arts and Sciences Student)

Greta Wiessner (Law Student)

Jennifer (MSW student)

Sarah Baer (SAS student)

John Valdes (Wharton Student)

Dimitri Alves (Wharton Student)

Shaked Barkay (College of Arts and Sciences)

Noah D. Drezner (04 MSEd, ’08 PhD PennGSE)

Ariel Olsher (School of Arts and Sciences Student)

Saumya Jain (Wharton Student)

Hanne Berg (Staff)

Shaunee Morgan (Penn Law)

Samantha Risch (Nursing Student)

Allison Caramico (Engineering undergrad)

Ana Tavarez (School of nursing)

Ruchi Banka (Wharton Student)

Pablo Golac (Undergraduate SAS Student)

Janette Kessler (Wharton Grad ‘91)

Arantza Rodriguez (Wharton Student)

Jock Payten (Wharton Student)

Ksenia Arutyunova (Wharton Student)

Jenna Klubnick (Perelman School of Medicine)

Guy Tada (SAS)

Anna Hess (SAS College Undergraduate)

Lilly Wilson (College Student)

Vanessa Frances (Wharton Student)

Laura Ng (Nursing Student)

Sara Brunsden (Vet School)

Dafni Papapolyzou (LSM student)

Anina Oliver (Wharton Student)

Grace Van Arkel (College student)

Shelly Hong (SP2 student)

Shaun Staller (College graduate)

Eleanor Aldous (Penn Law)

Allison Walter (Engineering Student)

Mikaela Gilbert (Engineering Student)

Adeline Rolnick (Law Student)

Tina Gao (Wharton)

Victoria Kozhushchenko (Organizational Dynamics (LPS) Master’s Student)

Dejania Cotton-Samuel (College of Arts & Sciences Studen)

Stephanie Sison (Wharton Student)

Brittany Sherman (Law Student)

Andrew Coopersmith (Wharton staff)

Tandra Mitchell (SAS Student)

Matthew Kearney (Penn Medicine)

Allysia Murphy (Wharton Computing employee, U Penn Alum)

Kaitlin Johnstone (Penn Law Staff)

Rio Dennis (Wharton Undergrad)

Joshua Franklin (Medical student)

Maggie Rymsza (College student, History major)

Clare Kearns (College student)

Maya Rivera (College Student)

Carissa Camara (Wharton Student)

Joseph cruz (SAS & SEAS Alumni)

Sarah Bleiberg (Law Student)

Josh Balk (Law Student)

Allison Trudeau (Nursing ‘20)

Brendan Walden (Law Student)

Melissa Song (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Justin Ennis (SAS Class of 2006)

Kristen Kim (Undergraduate College Student)

Nora Crawford (Penn Law Student)

Kayla Richards (SP2 ‘17)

Andrea Baric (Undergraduate engineer)

Robert Gormisky (Wharton ‘17)

Chetan Parthiban (College student)

Casey egner (Fine arts)

Jonathan Lahdo (Wharton Student)

Li Sian Goh (SAS student)

Maria Halpern (W03 grad)

Louis Esser (Undergraduate Student)

Samantha Kochman (College of Arts and Sciences)

Meriem Djelmami-Hani (Wharton Student)

Hena Kadri (Alumnus)

Christine Lam (College Student)

Camellia Dang (Nursing Student)

Gabriel Cantu (Wharton Student)

Breanna Himschoot (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Alexandra Nagele (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Camille Jwo (SAS Student)

Nikita Jathan (M.Arch ‘18)

Jacob Ausubel (College Student)

Joshua Jordan (College)

Nathalie Bragadir (CAS ‘04)

Catherine Yang (Undergraduate Student)

Ellen Blazer (Alumni)

Katlin Sullivan (SP2 MSW 2nd year)

Heidi Beris (Penn Alum 2012)

Ashali Bhandari (Penn Design)

Victoria Aguilar (School of Social Policy and Practice)

Adam Ripley (Wharton Student)

Greg LeMay (Engineering alumni)

Evan Schueckler (PennDesign Student)

Will Byun (College student)

Lucy Sergeant (College Student)

Henry Zhou (CAS ’18, SAS’18)

Katlyn Cotton (PennDesign Student)

Elana Waldstein (SAS ‘18)

Neeraj Soman (College C’10)

Ariana Martino (SAS Student)

Ezekiel Dixon-Román (Social Policy and Practice)

Ezekiel Dixon-Román (Social Policy and Practice)

Max Linder (Law Student)

Ryan Draper (SEAS Undergrad)

Amleset Girmay (Wharton and College Student)

Tilyn Bell (Alumni C’16)

Kimberly Norton (Staff)

Savita Sukha (Nursing Graduate Student)

Alice Ren (Engineering Student)

Felicia Alexander (Law Student)

Yanni Chen (College ‘16)

Jaclyn Dietrich (SAS Student)

Nate Klass (Design Graduate Student)

Danielle Lazarus (Law Student)

Ben Finnstrom (College of Arts & Sciences Student)

Juan Pablo Ardila (History)

Daniel Reyes (PennDesign Student)

Audrey Bloom (CAS ‘17)

Tyler Larkworthy (Engineering Student)

Amaka Cypriana Uzoh (Wharton Student)

William Wang (Wharton/College Student)

Jacqueline Duhl (College 2015)

Isabella Fierro (College of Arts and Sciences)

Claire Centeno (UPenn Undergrad)

Margo MacDonald (U Penn Student)

Yvonne Yan (College Student)

Jillian Karande (CAS ‘18)

Molly Oretsky (College of Arts & Sciences Student)

Juan Gamez (Engineering Student)

Jake Berman (School of Design Student)

Lucille Chen (Wharton)

Jonnell Burke (Undergraduate in the College)

Derek Yee (Engineering Student)

Richard Douglin (Wharton Student)

Dr. Alesha Gayle (GSE Faculty)

Yezhou “Joseph” Wang (M&T Student)

Ashar Khan (Alumnus Wharton Undergrad)

Diane Furstenau (College ‘09)

Jessica Felix (MBA Alum ‘16)

Dan Vincent (Wharton Student)

Lester Simpson (Wharton Student)

Aaron Reid (Law Student)

Phil Fargason (School of Design)

Tamara Roth (Law Student)

Viviane Weinstabl (Undergraduate Wharton & College Student)

Sophia Heiser (College student)

Niharika Gupta (Alumni)

Caroline Scown (College Student)

Phoebe chen (Wharton/CAS ‘16)

Aaisha Gulani (Wharton Student)

Meredith Sandberg (Wharton MBA)

Nicolette Tan (C’16 W’16)

Nicolette Tan (C’16 W’16)

Vanessa Koh (College ’16 Alum)

Abdulrahman Alwattar (Law Student)

Henry Ong (Bioengineering Alum)

Claire Johnson (Wharton / Lauder)

Amy Rajan (Penn Nursing, Wharton, Perelman School Of Medicine Alumna)

Erin Walsh (Alumna)

Sam Lehr (College ’04, Law ‘10)

Keren Horn (U Penn Alumni)

Molly Landman (College Grad)

Matthew Chu (Undergraduate alumni)

Sheila Shayon (U Penn Graduate)

Tessa Upin ((college alumni))

Sarah Poirier (Penn Nursing ‘11)

Kylie Maier (Wharton Student)

Max Fraser (Alumni)

Lauren Spivack (Upenn alumni)

Emily Motayed (Wharton Alum)

Uyen Doan (Alumna)

Katrina Truebenbach (College student)

Edith Myers (Penn Alumnus (PhD in Neuroscience))

Emily Motayed (Wharton Alum)

Amy Askew (Alumni)

Erin Parrillo (GAS — Organizational Dynamics)

Harry McGuire (SAS)

Jane Shure (School of Social Policy & Practice)

Karen Sohn (SEAS 03)

Michael Dannenbaum (College of Arts and Sciences)

Abraham Chen (College, 2010)

Barbara Katz-Chobert (Graduate School Alumni)

Gabriel Mickel (engineering student)

Joanna Joye (Penn Design)

Gaetano Crupi Junior (Wharton Student)

Michelle Karnes (Alumna; Ph.D. from Penn English in 2004)

lisa nusbaum (Alumni 1985)

Jerrold Walton (CAS 2010)

Fred Berger (Arts & Sciences)

Zhan Xiong Chin (Engineering Student)

Shikha Saxena (Medical student)

Stefanie Ramirez (Law Student)

Carolyn Lim (College of Arts and Sciences)

John Doner (N’16)

Olakunle olawoye (Wharton student)

Jay Vaingankar (Wharton and College Undergrad)

Kelsey Farenhem (SAS Student)

Matt Schofield (College ‘19)

Celeste Marcus (College Student)

Adam Weiss (Wharton)

Albert Kao (Wharton Student)

Cindy Ngo (UPenn Student)

Nicolette Tan (C’16 W’16)

Aaron haddy (Law Student)

Nicholas Seaman (Law Student)

Kate Oksas (Undergraduate)

Liz Stark (Wharton Grad)

Nicolette Tan (C’16 W’16)

Stephanie Dowd (Law Student)

Alex Bolano (MBA Candidate)

Babacar Diene (College of Arts & Sciences)

Elliot allen (College alum)

Aimee Kim (SEAS ‘13)

Kendra Gibbons (Engineering student)

Liz O’Flanagan (School of Arts and Sciences, ‘97)

Kim Anh Dam (Wharton, College Student)

Brianna Parsons (Penn Vet)

Jennifer Sui (SAS Student)

Rebecca McClain (Arts & Sciences)

Rigoberto Colon (SAS)

Richard M. Walden (Wharton/College ’68; Law ‘72)

Mara Robinson (College of Arts and Sciences C20)

David Dance (Wharton Student)

Jamie Atienza (CAS ‘17)

Bofeng Chen (CAS ‘16)

Maxwell Levy (SAS Student)

Austyn Tempesta (Alumni GSE & SAS)

Kathryn Hasz (SEAS)

Hannah Rosenfeld (College Student)

Melissa Rondi (Wharton Student)

Josh Power (Fels Institute Staff)

Nyazia Bey (College of Arts and Sciences)

Drew Lilley (VIPER Student)

Salina Yuan (School of Medicine)

Frances Patano (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Rebekah Weber (Nursing)

Hannah Yi (Penn law)

Daisy Romero (College Student)

Kelly Gregg (Alumni)

Lauren Hirshon (Wharton Lecturer and Consultant; Alum)

Mai Le (Arts and Sciences)

Alysha Banerji (Graduate Student)

Adriana Simmons (Law Student)

Alison Bae (Med Student)

Shaisa Pittman (Undergrad in The College)

Sarah Gish-Kraus (GSE ’14 Alum, University Staff)

Rebecca Nyquist (Doctoral Student (Education Policy))

Prerak Garg (Wharton)

Aisha Bowen (GSE student)

Alice Lee (Wharton Student)

Connie Chen (Penn Engineering Student)

Stephanie Margolis (PennDesign)

Zach Klitzman (CAS 2010)

Catherine Yun (Penn Law)

Jennifer Roof (Undergraduate Student)

Jackson Foltz (College Student)

Jeff Perkowski (Wharton Student)

Ambar Muñoz Lavanderos (CAS ‘19)

Tammy McLeod (Wharton Grad)

Sebastian Apud (Wharton Student)

Tuhina Srivastava (MPH Student)

Ashanta Douglas (MPA ’18 Student and Fels Student Association President)

Bryn Kreider (Veterinary Student)

Jaclyn Chu (Wharton and College Student)

Emma Lewis (MD/PhD Student)

Rachel Brock (College Student)

Justine Chiu (Law Student)

Stephen DiGregoria (C’ 14)

Salomon Moreno-Rosa (C ’13, GSE ’17, SAS ‘17)

Stanley Guo (Wharton student )

Amanda Martin (Penn Law Student)

Tiffany Chin (Wharton Student)

Samelle Arhin (Nursing Student )

Dieynaba Diagne (Masters of Public Health )

India Cooper (Wharton undergrad student)

Emily Martin (PSOM)

Fiona Tang (Wharton)

Prerana Jalla (Wharton Student)

Oraphun Panthavee (Wharton Student)

Kaustubh Deo (Wharton & College Alumni)

Glenda Goodman (U Penn Faculty (SAS))

Wolete Moko (Penn Alum)

Elisa Baek (PhD Student, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania)

Riddhi Roy (Wharton Student)

Deepti Rajendran (Wharton student)

Janice Bonsu (Perelman)

Felipe Gonzalez (Wharton MBA)

Amanda Francis (College of Arts and Sciences)

Dashiell Ridolfi-Starr (SAS student)

Cristina Lara-Agudelo (Wharton Student)

Adam El-Sahn (Law ‘18)

Dee Ng (Wharton Student )

Edward M. Epstein (PennGSE, Teachers Institute of Philadelphia)

Maddalena Poli (Upenn student )

Keira McAfee (SAS Student)

Anna Estep (Engineering student)

Sarah Hinstorff (Undergraduate Student)

Sam Iacobellis (College Student)

Elyse Gadra (College Student)

Berenice Leung (College, Wharton student)

Hayley Boote (College undegrad)

Christina Kuhlmeier (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Justin Guo (College Student)

Minh Thai (Wharton MBA Alumna)

Chris Wilson (Alumnus )

Anna Paez (Nursing Student)

Isabelle Levine (College Student)

Julius Barriteau (College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Student)

Mitchell Aronoff (Undergraduate student )

Anna Rosenfeld (Arts & Sciences undergrad)

Jenny Reich (Penn Law Class of 2018)

Rive Cadwallader (College, ‘18)

Benjamin Yu (Med student )

Kathy Hou (Wharton Student)

Cary Holley (CAS ‘20)

Anna Campbell (UPenn Undergrad )

Sarah Raizen (UPenn Student)

Zachary Koslowski (SAS Student)

Janice Hur (Nursing Student)

Erica Clark (Law Student)

Allison Kowalski (Penn Law Student )

Celina Lin (Wharton Student)

Jacob Anderson (College Student)

Jeremy Gagas (Law Student)

Lisa Servon (PennDesign faculty)

Nancy Wong (Engineering undergrad)

Christine Cho (Law Student)

Juana Granados (College of Arts and Sciences ‘17)

Simon Richter (U Penn Faculty)

Supida Kitcharoenroj (Wharton)

Julia McGurk (College of Arts and Sciences)

Lucas Harty (GSE ‘15)

Robert Rand (PhD Student, SEAS )

Sarah Wipperman (Penn Librarian, Masters student in Law and Organizational Dynamics)

Michael Shostek (C’15)

Supriya Menon (Wharton MBA)

Evangelia Bellas (Former UPenn Postdoc)

Lauren Welch (School of Nursing )

Chris O’Brien (Law School )

Joe Sageman (College of arts & sciences undergraduate)

Gina Elia (Arts and Sciences Grad Student)

Leah Seifu (Medical student)

Mercedes Morgante (College student )

Kate Fishbein (ABSN/MSN Student)

Vivienne Okafor (MPH’16)

Soyeon Park (College ‘10)

Jessica Rose (Nursing Graduate student)

Angela Ying (Wharton Student)

Anna Weissman (School of Nursing)

Mary Bready (College Student)

Brittany Keesling (Fels institute of Government, Penn Med)

Aubrey Huynh (Wharton Student)

Patrick Elyas (Penn undergrad alum, Wharton MBA, Penn Law student)

Eren Ozer (College Student)

Stephanie Sherman (UPenn Arts and Sciences 2003)

Theresa Folk (Nursing graduate school )

Katy Bennett (Wharton MBA alumna)

A.J. Sacks (Undergraduate Student)

Lillie Carlile (Nursing)

Travis Mager (The College of Arts and Sciences)

Bijan Niknam (Wharton/College Alum)

Shanthi Thillairajah (Engineering Student)

Marielle Giancarlo (School of Nursing)

Adam Poliner (Law Student)

Sydney Hausman-Cohen (Nursing Student)

Xochilt Armenta (School of Design)

Jessica George (College Student)

Stefanie Kreamer MD (UPenn SAS 2008)

Shannon C (School of Nursing student)

Robyn Crowter (Law 2013)

Anabel Lippincott Paksoy (SAS 2011)

Hoon Kim (C/W 11)

Emily Green (Graduate Nursing Student )

Samantha Stavis (Wharton )

Manami Sato (Wharton Student)

Michael Gigante (Engineering Student)

Athena Lao (Penn Graduate School of Education)

Shruti Doshi (Penn dental school)

Raines Taylor (Penn Graduate School of Education Student)

Ki Shi (College Arts & Science)

Chris Brigante (Law Student)

Courtney Barbera (MPH Student, ‘17)

Bintou Diallo (Graduate School of Education )

Amanda Freyre (Penn law alum)

Erin D’Amelio (GSE)

Blake Zakarin (Alumni)

Megan Schug (PennGSE)

Elis Pill (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Jay Shah (Undergraduate)

Robert Dilley (MD-PhD Student)

Tan Lekwijit (Wharton Student)

Nick Millman (Department of English )

Stefanie Gayer (PennVet)

Juliana Pena (Wharton/SAS Student)

Maria Murphy (SAS student)

Chloe Glaeser (Wharton PhD Student)

Danielle Zamarelli (Nursing )

Kristin Nottebohm (Wharton MBA student)

Hadi Elzayn (School of the Arts and Sciences)

Ian Pangburn (Penn Design)

Mona sobhani (Dental student )

Kathryn Taylor (PhD Candidate, Department of History, SAS)

Joseph Bretschneider (Law Student)

Hayley Keller (Veterinary Student)

Celeste Diaz (College of Arts and Sciences)

Olivia Ruiz (SEAS undergraduate )

Genevieve Burger-Weiser (Law Student)

Meggie Woodruff (Penn Nursing )

Stefanie Gayer (Penn Vet)

Hao Nguyen (Wharton)

Kimberly Flores (GSE Student)

Kelly Chroback (SP2)

Laura Thierer (Graduate Arts and Sciences)

Gina Chang (Medical Student)

Aaron Feinblatt (Law Student)

Shripriya Sahay (UPenn Nursing )

Bob DiMaiolo (SEAS student)

Gian Zlupko (Social Policy and Practice)

Alejandra Ramos (School of Design)

Simon Vandekar (School of Medicine)

Jiajun Liu (MEAM student)

Anne Arnold (Graduate School of Education )

Rohini Singh (Ph.D student at Department of Biology)

Dean Schmeltz (Penn GSE Student)

Kevin Caparino (SEAS Graduate Student)

Rachel Ress (SP2 MSW student)

Laura Massey (Penn Vet)

Tu Le (Law Student)

Tetiana Bass (Penn Dental Medicine student)

Jacqueline Rugart (Penn Law Student)

Julia Rood (Med student)

Michael Kitchens (Medical Student)

Harun Alp (Graduate Student)

Christin Scholz (PhD Student at Annenberg)

Lila Knowlton-Grallert (PennVet)

Scarlett Yang (PhD Student)

Ojasvinee Singh (SAS )

Colleen Reynolds (Engineering Alumna)

Sam Moran (Law ‘19)

Allyson Reynolds (Law Student)

Cameron Baston (Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellow)

Irteza Binte-Farid (PhD Penn GSE )

Jeffrey Jin (SP2 Doctoral Student)

James Ferrara (Veterinary Student)

Serena Qiu (GSAS)

Julianne Rieders (Biomedical Graduate Studies Student)

Stephen Phillips (Computer Science Graduate Student)

Catherine Westerduin (School of Social Policy & Practice)

Rendy Fernandez ((CAS’19))

Marc Hummel (SAS student)

Sarah Halle (PennDesign)

Archith Shivanagere Muralinath (School of Engineering and Applied Science)

Alexandria Trakimas (Medical Student )

Lindsay Goldsmith-Markey (PhD Student, GSE)

Yi Zhu (Architecture Student)

Irene Plantholt (Graduate Student SAS)

Rachael McBride (Graduate School of Education)

Ethan Tan (School of Social Policy and Practice)

Jonathan Brooks (GSE)

Emily Daenzer (Law Student)

Yi Huang (Engineering student)

Alexander Ponsen (School of Arts and Sciences)

Becky D. Serna (NU’16, GNU’19)

Elizabeth White (Nursing)

Yosiane White (PhD student)

Shriram Sundararaman (UPenn Alumnus)

Darsh Shah (SEAS/Wharton Student)

Anne Pyzocha (GSE Student)

Benjamin Freedman (SEAS PhD)

Daniel Rosenberg (SEAS)

Marc-Anthony Serrano (CAS ‘16)

Kay Colbert (DSW student)

Maya Kapur (College Student)

Katherine Sizov (Penn student)

Katherine Kvellestad (Undergrad in the College)

Lily Kass (GSAS ‘17)

Mark Lippincott (SEAS Grad Student)

Aurora Kripa (Fels executive mpa)

Emma James (GSE)

Joshua Nelson (Penn Chemistry Graduate Student)

Long Luu (Psychology Student)

Nick Lind (Wharton Student)

Maria Jose Orraca (SAS student)

Miranda Weinberg (GSE & SAS PhD Candidate)

Richard Scheinfield (SEAS Student)

Emily Shea (Penn Vet)

Emma Kolesar (Penn Law)

Abbey Roepke (NP Student)

Margaret Corley (SAS Graduate Student)

Richard Alexander Martino (CAMB Student)

Sheila Cummings, RN (Graduate School of Nursing)

Julia Liu (Wharton Student)

Caleb Stanford (UPenn Student)

John Zhang (Wharton student)

Austin Huffman (Biomedical Graduate Student)

Rachel Wolff (Wharton Executive MBA student)

Sanjay Subramanian (Wharton & Engineering Undergraduate)

Divya Menon (Wharton MBA)

Jami Alamar (Penn (college) student)

Yoon Kim (Engineering Student)

Eric tepper (Student )

Erin Farrell (College/Annenberg Student)

Marshall C Strother (UPHS)

Sumin Dai (SP2 student)

Shaghayegh Torkzaban (Penn Design Student)

Suprabhat Bhagavathula (School of Engineering and Science)

Sarah Hanson (Social Policy and Practice)

Siddharth Challani (SAS, SEAS ‘19)

Benjamin Donati (Veterinary (V’17))

Chanat Aonbangkhen (SAS Student)

Rehan Deen (SAS student)

Deepthi Kunchey (Dental Student)

Tom Isler (Law alumnus)

Sabina Hlavaty (PennVet)

Jamina Lai (SEAS alumna)

Titus Shem (Wharton Student)

Brianne karten (Penn Vet student )

Austin Tedesco (Wharton Student)

Aaron Brown (Graduate School of Education)

Arielle Harris (PennDesign student (historic preservation))

Sneha Kannan (PennMed student)

Rachel Au-Yong ((C’13))

Nicholas Parsons (College of Arts and Sciences)

Jaewon Choi (Wharton Student)

Matt Sternberg (Engineering 2012)

Bianca Marie Johnston (VMD student)

Seayoon An (Dental student)

Ashley Warner (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Monica Ionescu (Penn Engineering Student)

Leah Girma (Wharton alumni )

Mabel Zhang (Engineering PhD Student)

Jibran Khan (W’12 C’12)

Benson Ansell (Counseling Student, GSE)

Jessica Bassett (Penn Law Student)

Ameer Hadi (Dental School)

Lindsay Buchman (PennDesign Student)

Helena von Nagy (College of Arts and Sciences)

Madeline Zingle (Wharton Alumni)

Jerry Jones (Penn Nursing)

Khary Anderson (Law Student)

Deepa Manichan (GSE)

Emily Urban (College of Arts and Sciences)

Colette Shen (Penn Med/SEAS alum)

HyunJae Won (GSE)

Irina Bit-Babik (Penn College student)

Jeffrey M Cochran (Physics Grad Student)

Charlie Sosnick (Student)

Isaac Shapiro (C’18)

Zainab Ambani (Nursing student)

David Scollan (College of Arts & Sciences)

Thomas Boudou (CNRS, France)

Judy Weng (SEAS)

Sun-You Park (WG15)

Charlie Sosnick (Student)

Matt Allen (PennMed ‘16)

Patrick Pilon (Penn Vet)

Sze Hui (Wharton)

Jennifer Weidner (MSW Student)

Selenel Lee (GSE)

Ian Penkala (Vet)

Rachel Adler (SAS Alumna)

Megan Sperry (Engineering PhD student)

Elizabeth Dempsey (Biomedical PhD Student)

Lauren Payne-Riley (Design Student)

Tony Pizzelanti (Penn Vet)

Pawel Popiel (Annenberg School for Communication)

Steven Brooks (Penn Medicine)

Mhd-ghayath alhalabi (Dental student D3)

Shahin Jabbari (Department of Computer and Information Science)

Shazia Siddique (Masters in Health Policy Student)

Gregory Robinson (Public Health student)

Thomas Speranger (School of Nursing graduate student)

Jane Kauer (Faculty, alum)

Neel Mehta (Wharton Student)

Katherine Randall (PennDesign)

Sarah Morris (Doctoral student in psychology )

Yu-Hsuan Tsou (U Penn GSE)

Nesrine Chahine (SAS)

Chantille Kennedy (GSE Student)

Andrew Korn (Ph.D. Candidate)

Francesca Tuazon (PSOM PhD Candidate)

Rachel Sharp (UPenn Staff, Engineering Graduate Student)

Bonnie Douglas (Graduate Student)

Adina Weissman (SP2 Alumnus)

Christina Strathearn (UPenn Staff and MSAG Student)

Caitlin Foley (Education Student)

Amelia Erikson (MPH Student/SAS Staff)

John McClimon (Engineering Grad Student)

Sabriya Fisher (SAS)

January Wuerth (GSE Alumni)

Kristina Featherstone (GSE Staff)

Helen L Teng (Nursing )

Dr. Archna Bajaj (UPenn, Dept. of Medicine)

Sravya Kotaru (Student, Perelman School of Medicine)

Danielle Kennedy (Master of Public Health Student )

Ali Strozier (School of Social Policy and Practice)

Lucas de Lima (SAS Student)

Betsy McIntosh (Perelman School of Medicine)

Emily Polur (PennVet)

Michael Beavers (Wharton)

Martha McGrail Woodcock (C’95)

James Knox (School of Medicine)

Corey Hirsch (Student)

Corey Hirsch (Student)

Katherine L.Hayna (school of engineering and applied sciences)

Rhea Aurora (Wharton )

Susanne Kerekes (Grad. Student)

Jonathan Lee (WG ‘11)

Alexandra Brown (PhD student, biology)

danielle flitter (Staff, Graduate Student)

Mayuko Endo (University staff, College student)

Hannah Shaknovich (College of Arts and Sciences)

Stephanie Omo-Abu (Wharton )

Meagan Ita (Engineering PhD Student)

Iris Williamson (GSE)

William Kalish (Student of the College of Arts and Sciences)

Fatima Sanz (SAS, Fels)

Sofia Owen (College of Arts and Sciences Alumna)

Edurne Irizarry-Alvarez (School of Social Policy and Practice Student)

Salimah Nooruddin (Wharton MBA Class of 2015)

Yiyang Wu (L’12)

Roxanna Perez (School of Design Graduate Student)

Siddharth Ashokkumar (Wharton alumnus)

Jessica Jones (UPenn Employee and SP2 MSW student)

Christopher Stone (MSE SEAS 1999)

J. Anton Bodor, Ph.D. (Graduate School of Education)

Jonathan Agudelo (Perelman School of Medicine)

Miles Owen (School of Design)

Kathryn Kramer (PennDesign)

Zoe Macartney (College of Arts and Sciences Student )

Tiffany Perkins (Upenn Staff)

Emily Rose DeMarco (Fels Institute of Government)

Lauren Beck (SEAS Student)

Hannah Yi (Penn law)

Heidi Norton (PhD student Engineering)

Quang Ly (Organizational Dynamics)

Alex Nichols (Engineering Student)

Alyssa Chai (Law Student)

Safa Browne (MPH Student)

Jessica Bermudez (Bioengineering PhD Student)

Adithya Sriram (Engineering Student)

Christopher Olm (Bioengineering graduate student)

Christopher Cahill (SEAS Student)

Kyle Block (PennDesign)

Laura Barron (Penn Institute for Urban Research)

Daniel Li (Wharton undergraduate student)

Allison Cote (Biomedical Graduate Studies Student)

Kenneth Foner (PhD Student in Computer and Information Science)

Emily Douglas (Wharton Student)

Arlene Adair (PennDesign staff member)

Tracy Hawkins (SP2 MS in NPL & Penn Staff)

Laura Pettinelli (Law)

Melanie J. Foreman (Alumni C'08, L'13)

Casey C. Ross (PennDesign Student)

Sara Terashima (Graduate School of Nursing)

Alina Ahmad` (PennDesign)

Jennifer O'Mara (MLA'17)

F. Scott Stinner (GEng '13, SEAS PhD Candidate)

Kimberly Veliz (Engineering Student )

Therese Miranda (Penn Vet Student)

Rebecca Schwartz (School of Medicine '15)

Krista Reimer (PennDesign Student)

Willow Gross (CAS '06)

David Handelman (alumnus)

Caroline Pitofsky (Penn Arts & Sciences)

Sonia Bansal (Engineering Graduate Student)

Hannah Bogen (Penn Med Student)

Kate Farquhar (PennDesign)

Kristina Ferrari (GSE student )

Jacqueline Kohl (College '06)

Rebecca Weingarten (SP2 Student)

Dominic Lachowicz (SEAS, 2001)

David Harrop (PennDesign)

Brady Thurman (Wharton)

Ashna Bhatia (Wharton '17)

Doug Breuer (School of Design Student)

Joseph Hoisington (PhD student in mathematics)

David Jacoby (U Penn alum)

Hong Nguyen (Wharton)

Helen Dai (College Student)

Andrew Janet (Wharton)

Kathryn DeWitt (College '18)

Shoshanna Israel (Wharton)

Samantha Shea (Wharton Student )

Ghali Benlafkih (Wharton Student )

Aymen Saleem (Wharton student )

Brian Luo (College Student)

Natasha Maas (Wharton)

Andrew Nyholm (VIPER)

Lauren-Ashley Daley (College Student)

Claudia Elzey (PennDesign)

Craig Limoli (Wharton MBA)

Daniel Kranseler (SAS Student)

Steven Graf (SAS '04)

Tate Obayashi (SAS student )

William Shirey (College Student)

Abdullah Alateeqi (Engineering & Applied Science )

Nina Kaledin (College '16)

Brian Ong (Fels Institute of Government)

Marianne Avari (SAS - Fels Student)

Charlie Sosnick (Student)

Charlie Sosnick (Student)

Lyndon DeSalvo (Design)

Anne McGunagle (SP2 Student)

Jason Choi (Wharton Student)

Annabelle Lyons (SAS '08, GSE '09)

Andrew Fix (School of Design)

Leopold Spohngellert (College '17)

Brandon Chin (Wharton Student)

Charlie Sosnick (Student)

Divya Trikannad (Penn Dental)

Travis Shingledecker (SAS Student)

Lukas Endl (Wharton Student)

Carrie Frattali (Graduate Architecture Student)

Ricardo J Franco (Wharton '06)

Brette Warshaw (U Penn Alum)

Hamdi Soysal (Wharton Undergrad Alum)

Min Ki Kim (Wharton Undergraduate)

Julian Hernandez (Penn Student)

Marie Hart (UPenn Faculty)

Lior Rennert (Biostatistics Ph.D student)

Meerabelle Jesuthasan (College of Arts and Science Student)

Natalie Tan (C'09)

Adam Levenson (Alumnus )

Vanessa Howell (UPENN SEAS)

Leah Turner (School of Nursing)

Aleksandar Pejcic (U Penn staff)

Jonathan DeLong (Perelman School of Medicine)

Philip Shecter (C'09 L'14)

Eliza Whiteman (PennDesign)

Kristi Littleton (College Alumnus)

Kevin Sun (College of Arts and Sciences)

Shannon Ridge (Engineering '11)

Ashley Tanz (Public Health and Bioethics Student)

Eric Zhu (College student)

Dana Vogel (College '11)

Emmanuel Suarez (Engineering Student)

Klaudia Glogowsk (SAS student )

Lillian Otte (School of Social Policy and Practice)

Andrew Nassau (Wharton)

Mayra Marquez (Faculty)

Lauren Altman (PennDesign MFA Student)

Elizabeth Naismith Picciani (UPenn alum )

David Reinis (Undergrad College Student)

Luke Hoban (Undergrad C'17)

Julia D'Souza (Medical Student; Engineering Alum)

Matthew Palczynski (College Student)

Paul Grossman (Wharton)

James Prell (College of Arts & Sciences Student)

Heather Neifert (College Student)

Maria Alejandra Chavez Valencia (Wharton Student)

Tali Ziv (SAS)

Christina Krawiec (PhD Student, Physics)

Drew Schulz (Wharton Student)

Kunal Hanagandi (Vet School )

Mathias Wegner (Staff)

Miguel Labrego (UPenn Grad '08)

Vern Yoneyama (College '91)

Nana Attakora (Penn Engineering Student)

Adam Clearwater (College Graduate Student)

Daniel Wolf (PennDesign '14)

Amanda Sangston (Nursing Student)

Lauren Paolella (Biomedical Graduate Studies )

Julie Hyman (School of Social Policy and Practice)

Kevin Sun (College of Arts and Sciences)

Yen-Yen Gao (Wharton Student)

Makenzie Wood (Graduate School of Education)

Alexia Tragakes (Wharton Student)

Dawit Wondimagegn (Wharton Student)

Aaron Davis (College of Arts and Sciences student)

Daisy Villa (Master student)

Ailin Cao (Alumni)

Louis Lin (College Student)

Michael LaMonaca (Alumni / Staff)

Aymen Saleem (Wharton student )

Alexander de Arana (Penn GSE)

Nicole Palacio (CAMB)

Helen Dai (College Student)

Joanna Balcerek (Perelman School of Medicine CAMB)

Ursula Tooley (Biomedical Graduate Student)

Gerhard Williams IV (College student)

Mariel Kirschen (Penn Design Student)

Judith Vazquez (Penndesign)

Liu Yang (Penn Design Student)

Aymen Saleem (Wharton student )

Dorothy Charles (Medical Student)

Lucy Midelfort (Penn Design Historic Preservation Student)

Lillian Candela (PennDesign Student)

Jillian Resnick (SP2 Graduate Student )

Caroline Raquel (M&T Student)

Pei Lun Hung (C’18)

Brynn Leopold (PennDesign)

Kelly Karch (BGS)

Matei Ionita (Arts and Sciences Student)

Eugenie (Law Student)

Juan Pablo Benitez Gonzalez (PennDesign)

Andreea Alexandru (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences)

Gavin Taves (PennDesign)

Estee Ward (Law Student)

Hart Levine (Penn Engineering Alum)

Noreen Latif (Wharton Student)

Elise Aronson (Wharton Student)

Zack Lodmer (SAS ‘02)

Clare Mullaney (School of Arts and Sciences)

Matthew Closs (Penn Law)

Yewon Lee (Penn Nursing NP Student)

Dilip Ramachandran (Penngineering)

Leeanne Murdock (School of Nursing )

Ilana polak (MSW student )

Ben Zimmermann (Fels Student )

Lauren Summers (University Staff)

Erin Sweeney (Law Student)

Sarah Parkinson (Graduate student in social policy)

Ruth Vassilas (Law School)

Madeline Hoffman ((Engineering 2009))

Nick Cruickshank (College Student)

Erin Spicola (College Student )

Erin Spicola (College Student )

Pamela Gelfond Baumann (Wharton and Law School Alumna)

Andrew Simpson (City Planning)

Jessica Liu (College Student)

Andrew Steinmetz (C’11, L’17)

Theodora Okiro (Fels Student )

Deeksha Bhat (Wharton MBA)

Vivian Dai (SAS)

Richard Ling (Undergrad student)

Mohima Sanyal (Perelman School of Medicine)

Kathryn Junior (College of Arts and Sciences student)

Haley Rugh (SAS)

Kiara Vaughn (C’15 L’18)

Rebekah Yousaf (Historic Preservation Graduate Student)

Kristen Rocha Aldrich (C’12)

Tara Rajagopal (College)

Samantha Licata (Law Student)

Saadia Qureshi (UPenn Alum)

William Lovotti (Alumnus WC ‘11)

Sarah Scott (PennDesign Student)

Adija Manley (Penn Design Student)

Pimkhuan Hannanta-anan (Engineering student)

Hannah M. Le (Wharton student)

Melissa Pulcini (College of Arts and Sciences Alumna C’07)

Adrienne Hall (PennDesign Student)

Gavin Alcott (College of Arts and Science ’20)

Kevin Sun (College of Arts and Sciences)

Mohona Siddique (PennDesign)

Ross Bernhaut (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)

Stefanie Wang (College Student)

Ismaeel Shanshal (Dental student)

Molly Balzano (Graduate student)

Edward Cable (Wharton Alumnus)

Cameron Dichter (College Student)

Henry Felsman (PennDesign)

Shayda Milani (Penn Law )

Saffa Khan (College Alumna)

Nicole Nugent (School of Nursing)

ReehamSalah (Wharton and Engineering )

Vatsala Goyal (Engineering Student)

Jennifer Louie (PSOM — ACC — CRU)

Cintia Bock (Staff)

Amy Shan (Wharton Student)

Mischa Li (Perelman SOM)

Ian Mellis (Perelman School of Medicine Student)

Yufei Ye (SEAS)

Ramon Lee Jr. (Perelman School of Medicine)

Louis Kang (Schools of Arts & Sciences and Medicine Student)

Edward Linton (Perelman School of Medicine)

Sara Rendell (Medical Student)

Benjamin Emert (MD-PhD student)

Kathryn Himmelstein (Perelman School of Medicine)

Alexander Azan (Perelman School of Medicine Student )

Jennifer Wu (Biomedical Graduate Studies)

Cara Zapatka (Graduate Anesthesia Nursing Student)

Kimberly Lorenz (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Jerry Choi (School of Dental Medicine)

Nellie Catzen (Penn CAS Alumni ‘13)

Austin Vogt (Biochemistry and Biophyics)

Elaine zhou (school of medicine)

Ian Stewart (Wharton MBA Student)

Leigh Finnegan (Medical Student)

Katherine McDermott (Medical Student)

Jeffrey Carey (VMD-PhD Student, School of Veterinary Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine)

Kimberly Robbins (Penn Student)

Maria Guerrero-Reyes (PennVet)

Jenna Wixon-Genack (Medical Student)

Samantha Aguilar (PennDesign Student)

Chuan Hao Chen (Med student)

Barry Chiu (Wharton Student)

Joy Obayemi (Medical Student)

Jane abernethy (Perelman school of medicine)

Erin McCarthy (School of Medicine)

Samir Devalaraja (Penn Med)

Jennifer Paykin (School of engineering student )

Dare Henry-Moss (School of Medicine Staff and Student)

Victoria Solly (Nursing Alumni ‘08)

Ming Zhang (Engineering & The College Student)

Mitchell Newberry (PhD Student, Biology)

Tim Becker (Perelman School of Medicine Student)

Edmund Soriano (Wharton MBA)

Peter Hiller (PennDesign Student)

Nicole Ford (Staff and LPS)

Erica Higa (Engineering Student)

Omar Pena (School of Arts and Sciences)

Hyo-Jung Hong (Penn Medicine student )

Neha Goel (Wharton Student)

Juan Spinnato (Penn Med)

Sophie Wood (College Student)

Billy Maes (Penn Med)

Colin Choi (Engineering Postdoc)

Ewa Stypulkowski (Biomedical Graduate Studies )

Sophie Day (SP2 Student)

Henry Ma (Penn Dental)

Stephanie Chen (Dental resident)

Jing Ye (Dental)

Maggie Dufresne (WG class of ‘86)

Alexander Nilsson (C’11)

Nina Zegger (Wharton MBA)

Jose Nistal (Wharton Alumni)

Kristie Bauman (C’14)

Ilana Nelson-Greenberg (Perelman School of Medicine)

Timothy Soo (Medical Student)

Uroosa Ijaz (Penn Design)

Larisa Kushnir (UPenn Dental resident )

Sarah Sneed (Perelman School of Medicine)

Ricardo (Medical student)

Andrew Hirschel (Law Student)

Yanyao Fu (Penn Dental)

Jessica Liu (Penn Dental Post Doc Resident)

Laura Colagrande ((School of Design))

Emily Dodson (School of Design)

Zakariya Al-Haffar (Penn Design)

Carmen Moedano (Social Policy & Practice )

Beth Hollingshead (School of Social Policy and Practice alumna)

Lauren Kelly (Penn Med)

Joseph Martinez (Penn Med/Wharton)

Adam Novick (SAS, grad student)

Adam Novick (SAS, grad student)

Kavi Munjal (College Student)

Kate Levin (SP2 -graduated from NPL in 2014)

Elizabeth Sollecito (School of Social Policy and Practice)

Pelayo Primo de Rivera (WHARTON alumni )

Jessica Eby (Medical Student )

Margaret Kopel (Law Student)

Asavari Gupte (Wharton Alumni)

Carolyn Carpenter (Law Student)

Joyce Pierpoline (Penn FAS)

Alex Ussia (Law Student)

Jamie-Lee Josselyn (Alumna, faculty, staff)

Kathleen Hanley (Alumna)

Stefan Cornelis (Penn Alumnus)

Ibrahim Choudhry (Master of Social Work Student )

Lucy Guida ((College of Arts and Sciences Student))

Jack Cohen (Wharton ‘09)

Meredith Christian (Penn Law Student)

Joseph Nahra (College Student)

Andrew Kessel (Engineering)

Leo Sarbanes (SAS Student)

Jana Korn (Student )

Sophia Fraga (College student)

Maria Formoso (cas student)

Robert Lee (PennGSE)

Sungman Chang (Wharton Student)

Connie Jiang (MD/PhD student and CAS ‘15)

Stacy Thomas (PENN med )

Sarah Thompson (The College)

Danielle Reny (Penn Med)

Irena Xia (Penn Student)

Tabeen Hossain (College undergrad )

Lara Montales (Wharton Undergraduate Student)

Nikita Sood (WH ’18, CAS ‘18)

Jessica Anne Leon (Penn Med)

Jules Almazar (Penn Engineering Student)

Valerie Bai (Nursing Undergraduate)

Tabeen Hossain (College senior)

Abigail Sugarman (SAS student)

Jean Sonia Lee (Wharton Student)

Eleanor Horowitz (Wharton Student)

Cathleen Moyer (Penn GSE student)

Lauren Lubetsky (Wharton Student)

Kalen Lister (BA Alumna)

Carlo Comia (College Student)

Isabel Sierra (BGS Graduate Student)

Sara Goldstein (SP2 alumni 2014)

Eugenia Salvo (College ‘05)

Thomas Albert (College ’84; GSE ‘85)

Marian Bass (Penn MCP alumna)

Andrew Nyholm (College Student)

James Gilroy (Alumnus)

Danielle Daidone (College ‘10)

Deirdre Connolly (SAS ’05)

Sean Levy (Upenn Alumnus)

Neel Koyawala (Wharton College 2015)

Krista Engle (UPenn Alumna, Class of 2013)

Margarita Wegner (College Class of 2018)

Christopher Taylor (English PhD ’12)

Tom Goss (GSE ’89)

John Kendall (GSE)

Madeleine Macks (Wharton Student)

Bruno Lopes (Huntsman undergrad ‘14)

Sehhyun Lee (Wharton)

Jeff Morrison (Medical Student)

Esther Lee (Wharton MBA Student)

Hannah Gu (Med student )

Nathaniel Meyer (Med Student )

Dhruv Jaggia (Wharton student)

Kathryn Ticehurst (PSOM)

Mimi DiSenso (Wharton Student)

Rodrigo Hernandez (MBA Student)

Ryan McAuley (HUP)

Ari Wes (Penn Med)

Puja Patel (Dental Student)

Lanair Lett (Penn Med)

Clayton Marcinak (Med School)

Michael Furdyna (Penn Med Student)

Laura Barron (Penn SAS)

Mackenzie Morrison (The College (2020))

Akila Sarathy (Penn Law Student)

Maddie Leonard (College of Arts & Sciences)

Amy Montgomery (staff)

Nick Goel (Medical student)

Craig Gambogi (PhD Student)

Kristin Harkins (MPH Student)

Beda Cha (Med)

Selen Uman (Med)

Meliha Skaljic (Med student)

Shireen Matloubieh (Penn Medicine Student)

Hanna Elmongy (Med Student)

Cory Czuczman (Masters of Public Health)

Alyssa Kennedy (MPH Student)

Elizabeth Pride (Perelman School of Medicine Student)

Rebecca Barber (MPH Student)

Juan Serrano (Penn Med MS1)

Omar Abdoun (Med student )

Mika Schwartz (Medical Student)

Anna Localio (MPH Student)

Taylor White-Welchen (Master of Public Health)

Maureen McCauley (Perelman SOM Staff, Penn LPS)

Natalie Ball (Nursing Student)

Tiffany Cole (Penn Med)

Jennifer Gable (Fels Institute of Government, ‘16)

Divya Jain (Penn medicine)

Meghan Lockwood (Perelman)

Diane Dao (MD/MPH Student)

Barbara Katz-Chobert (Alumni)

Eleanor hyun (Medical school)

Ana Daniela Portillo (Wharton Student)

Amani Abdallah (PSOM 2017)

Bridget Durkin (School of medicine )

Louise Wang (Penn residency)

Julie Carney (Perelman)

Alan Herbst (Penn Med)

Prithvi Sankar (U Penn Faculty)

Vireo Patel (Med)

Whitney Orji (Med student )

Abbey Roepke (Upenn Nursing Student)

Andrea Berrido (Staff)

Sydney Campbell (PhD Student, PSOM)

Mikhaila Smith (Penn Med staff/SAS alumni)

Andrew Sinnenberg (Wharton)

Sarah Griggs (MPH Student)

Nora Dumont (Med Student)

Patrick Moeller (School of Medicine)

Shay Familoni (Wharton and Penn Law Student )

Prashant Dugar (Wharton)

Brendan Mahoney (Engineering, 2017)

Sila Bal (Penn Med)

Rob Roy MacGregor (U Penn Faculty)

Nishal Shah (SEAS)

Angela Tisch (Penn Med)

J. Maxwell Rogoski (Medical and PhD Student)

Pooja Yerramilli (Penn Med)

Natania Field (Perelman School of Medicine)

Chloe Saeks (Public Health Student)

Angela Song (Medical Student)

Kasey Ma (Wharton Student)

Casey baginski (MPH)

Talia Morikawa (MPH student)

Julia weatherly (Mph student )

Funmi Adetunji (Perelman School of Medicine)

Carrie Zimmerman (Penn Med)

Erin Tully (Medical Student )

Erik Saka (Penn Med)

Tiffany Pham (College of Arts and Sciences Student)

Eric Villeneuve (MPH Student)

Michael Loesche (Perelman School of Medicine)

Diana Sherpa (Penn Graduate Student)

Matt Stolper (Wharton Student)

Irene Nejad (Wharton)

Tracey Zhou (Wharton)

Stephanie Omo-Abu (Wharton Student)

Graham Baum (PhD Student)

Daniel Park (Perelman School of Medicine Student)

Pratik Suratia (Wharton Student)

Puja Upadhyay (College Student)

Thu Nguyen (Wharton Student)

Nicholas Sachs (Medical Student at Perelman)

Haena Lee (Wharton)

Shashwata Narain (Wharton Student)

Lauren Kupcho (SP2 Graduate Student)

Daniel Stern (Fels Student)

Ali Harwood (College of Arts and Sciences)

Sarah Hutchison (Wharton)

Danielle Brenda Salantes (Biomedical Graduate Studies)

Gabrielle Gosciniak (College Alumna)

Anastasia Hutnick (College of Arts and Sciences )

Christian Villaran (Wharton MBA)

Mark Mingelgreen (Wharton 1978)

Merritt Edlind (Medical student)

Jenna Fink (Wharton Student)

Kathryn Scheffey (Sp2 and MPH student)

Mary Barrosse-Antle (Medical student)

Kimberly Grambo (Law Student)

Jonathan Wood (Penn Med / Wharton student)

Radhika Chopra (Wharton)

Meghan Hall (UPenn PhD Student)

Marc J L Wisniewski (WG’94)

Nate Huebscher (Wharton Student)

Meya Laraqui (Wharton Student)

Araba Ankuma (CAS Student)

Jeffrey Cochran (Physics PhD Candidate)

Ingrid Boucher (GSE/Social Work Alumna)

Becky Shasha (Alum & Staff)

Nick Johnson (U Penn)

Tomas Elliott (Comparative Literature Graduate Student)

Jessica Applebaum (Penn Vet)

Katie Ryan (Staff)

Bart Lam (Wharton Student)

William Fields (Wharton Student )

Ankit Kapasi (Engineering)

Emily Schulman (Graduate Student)

Ariela Cohen (CAS 2013)

Emily Rider-Longmaid (Perelman School of Medicine)

Elinor Williams (Graduate School of Education)

Alejandro Kasusky (Wharton Student)

Erik Clarke (Biomedical Graduate Student)

Theresa Bradley (Wharton)

Sarah Vanacore (Grad SAS Alum, ’09)

Jeanette Elstein (Masters of Public Health student)

This letter reflects the personal views of its signatories only and is not affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania takes no political position and does not comment on its students, alumni, or faculty.


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