AnyFlip VS Issuu, Which One is The Best Option?

Digital flipbook has been one of modern and innovative ways to present materials, share ideas and thoughts. When it comes to digital flipbooks, the flipbook software would be the first one we talk about, right? Well, I like creating wedding brochures and clothing magazines, but recently, I have an obsession with my suitable designing tool. At first, one of my friend recommended Issuu to me, however, I found most of its features need to pay for money. Of course, I don’t like having to pay for things. Fortunately, I finally visited and found this free powerful flip book maker which seems to be a better bargain. 

General Learning of AnyFlip & Issuu

AnyFlip is a free and professional flip book maker tailored for people to make creative and interactive flipbooks including catalogs, magazines, brochures etc. Different beautiful pre-designed templates and themes offered to decorate different stylish flipbooks. A variety media are also allowed to insert into digital contents to make books impressive. Besides, it provides users with a digital platform to publish flipbooks online and to local, so audiences can view the items in multiple ways.

Issuu is another program giving you access to create as many kinds of flipbooks as you want by uploading PDF files. Once you finish your flipbook editing, you can reach a much wider audiences by posting online. Furthermore, flipbook created by this application can be shared on some popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LindedIn, Google plus etc.

Why AnyFlip is best for me?

As what I’ve mentioned above, charge is one of the factors to my selection. Firstly, I can download it for free and transform my PDF into engaging page-flipping digital flipbook. Secondly, it allows me to publish my flipbooks online and share to leading social media, and let me embed my publications on any other sites. All of these satisfy my requirements so much.

Of course, the pricing policy of AnyFlip also attracts me. There are 4 kinds of different price plans: FREE, PRO, PLATINUM and ENTERPRISE.

Free package is offered to you without any charge, but you can still enjoy many wonderful features from it like online flipbook templates and themes using, social media integration, Google Analytics tracking, mobile ready etc.

If you want to get a PRO account, you need to pay for $15 per month. Meanwhile, more special functions would be permitted such as password protection, logo customization, search engine optimization and more. But if you want to add log and background photo, it will cost $35 per month to get a Premium account from Issuu. For the Platinum package form, only $299 will need to pay per year, you can own 3 Multi-User Accounts at the same time and the storage is unlimited. If you buy the Enterprise package of AnyFlip, it means you will be a membership permanently and you can upload unlimited flipbooks as you expect.

Without any doubts, AnyFlip certainly helps me a lot with its powerful during my flipbook designing. Of course, its attractive pricing policy is the key to my option. The fact is that it really surprises me.