The last time I felt this level of awkwardness:

The Velcro Incident

Journeying home tonight, I decided it was time to write. Maybe that needs a capital. Write. It looks more important that way.

This is my first ever blog post. I'm pretending it’s not a blog to make the whole experience slightly less awkward. It’s a strange concept, having a monologue with your laptop screen.

Today has been long, tiring; I accidentally got industrial strength Velcro stuck to my head at work, and after five minutes and the assistance of four colleagues (one of whom I'm really not sure on the identity of- because of the enforced downward-facing angle I could only see shoes and they didn't give much away) I was freed. I now have a few more layers in my fringe which is a bonus; I've been contemplating it for a while and the Velcro decided it for me. Thanks, snactchiest of all fabrics.

So, I shall leave it there. My lesson being, be very careful of Velcro unless you are blessed with baldness (a state which very, very occasionally comes in handy).