Factors that Add to the Longevity of a Wetsuit

Jun 18 · 3 min read

When you are looking for which wetsuit to buy, you need to know how long you will use it for. The way you use it matters to how long it will remain usable. Where it is cared for and used well, it tends to last much longer. Where you do not use it well, you cannot expect much from it. When you are buying one, it is wise to start with the best quality, as that will set you up for a longer time in use. You can view more here when selecting one. Learn more about Wetsuit Wearhouse oneill wetsuits, go here.

There are several things that affect how long they will last. The type of watersport you engage in, and the frequency of your indulgence in it, is one such factor. For a person who wishes to surf daily, you need to have one that shall manage to keep up with such a demanding timetable. This is where you go for something with an anatomical cut, a lot of stretches, and the right seams for water temperatures. When you wish to get a lightweight one that will stretch well, you shall need more cash for it. You need to also make sure it is comfortable, as you shall be in it for quite a lot of times. You can buy wetsuit online here.
Where you intent not to be in direct contact with water, , such as when you go paddling or kayaking, you do not need to go for something in the high-end segment. You need to make sure it has a reinforced bottom and knees. This shall add to its resilience in high water. Take a look at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wetsuit for more information.

Should you plan to be in water directly, like when diving, then you need something else. You need one made of a special compression resistant neoprene. It needs not stretch excessively, since this can cause lots of damage to it. You need to also look at something cheaper if you will only dive once in a while. When left unused for long periods, the material tends to lose its elasticity. Those who bought something expensive shall regret it the most.

The needs for those who will be in and out of water all the time, like in a triathlon, or water aerobics, shall be more sensitive. There are too many chances of the suit getting spoilt, such as tears from nails, being stepped on, frequent dressing up and disrobing, and such. You can have them lose their elasticity too fast. If you use them in chlorinated water for the water aerobics, the neoprene can get damaged fast. Therefore, a good quality, as well as extra care, are necessary.

When it comes to the longevity of the suit, the type of activity you shall be involved in, the number of times you will engage in it, and the kind of care you shall give it will dictate the terms.

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