Affirming and Improving North Carolina’s Commitment to Privacy and Equality
Pat McCrory

Thank you Gov.Pat McCrory for changing some. I am fine with what you changed, i don’t care what the next person does with his, or her life, but what i do care about is my family, daughter, her husband, and my beautiful grand children. I myself, even when i was married did not want MY OWN HUSBAND coming in the same bathroom as me! And for the laws to change to all welcome come on in, no way. And i believe you understand that as well.

Pretty much we all on both sides got what we wanted, i cant understand why people want to take all our RIGHTS AWAY. They are not going to be happy until they get all the rights, and we have none… God is coming back soon, and we cant take it with us. Anyway thank you again, i am proud that i voted for you.

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