Some Fundamentals About Pay Per Click or PPC Marketing

Paid advertisement is one of the essentials of any marketing campaign. And many businesses would have heard about and even used PPC- pay per click but would not have gone deep into what it is and how it is beneficial. So let us have a quick brief look into this.

Let us start with what is PPC or pay per click. Simply put it is a type of search engine marketing wherein each click of the ad on the online platform is paid by the advertiser. This can give quality leads to people interested in the offer. This can also lead to better ROI.

Use of PPC gives huge benefits to people who do not have domain authority to rank high. This will complement your SEO efforts to enable you to rank high on the search engine. A high rank brings in more traffic and more business and high revenue. To know the inside out of PPC it would be good to learn some words and terms related to it.

These are

· Search engine marketing or SEM- this is a term referred to both paid advertising and SEO.

· CPC — cost per click is the amount paid by the advertiser for each click of the ad.

· CPM — cost per mille. It is the cost per thousand impressions.

· Campaign- the theme or the message that you wish to put across via the ads.

· Ad group- this is to create a series of ads within the campaign. This is done based on the set of keywords each highly related to each other.

· Keywords — it is a set of key terms used to make the relevant searches.

· Ad text- with the use of keyword terms the ad text is put forth.

· Landing page- it is the page where the user will land when they click on the ad.

After knowing some basic terms, it would be good to know where should one advertise.

Actually, there are several sites or platforms on the internet where you can put your ads.

A few of them are

· Google ads

· Bing Ads

· Facebook ads

· Adroll

· Revcontent

Each of these has some pros and cons. You need to know which will be the most effective platform based on their reach and your target audience as well as your budget.

Now you need to create an effective campaign. All this effort is to get more customers into your fold and enhance your revenue and also get good value of money put into the ad campaign.

So before you proceed set some goals and know what you really want to achieve from the ad campaign.

· Set a budget

· Know your target audience

· Theme of campaign

· How to measure success

· Type of campaign

Once these are set you can create the goals and its metrics. So what are the goals that you can achieve with PPC marketing?

· Brand awareness

· Lead generation

· Offer promotion

· Sales

· Site traffic

Now you have known what can be achieved you can decide what kinds of ads you will put up. You have options like

· Search Ads

· Display Ads

· Social media ads

· Remarketing

· Google shopping

Following these best practices along with using some catchy phrases, you will face a win-win situation and lead a successful ad campaign resulting in a boost for your business.