Travel Is Not An Achievement
Kris Gage

I always figured travel would just be part of my life when I had the expendable income to do so. I spent my 20s marginally employed, living on about $30K/year in a big city, so the few times I was able to scrounge together a few dollars from my meager savings to go on a trip with my friends was a huge deal. Now that I’m in my 30s, I do have that steady job and bit of disposable income --but as I happened to marry someone with visa issues and fears of flying, traveling abroad still presents obstacles, so it WILL feel like an accomplishment if I go anywhere. Sure, if you’re lucky enough to have the money and the means, travel is not a big deal, just as I’m sure getting published for Stephen King these days is “not a big deal.” But for people who aren’t so lucky — and I’ve been luckier than most in getting to do the limited things I have done —it still means something.