Be Your Own BOSS

If you ask any Entrepreneur that had grown their business then they will give a variety of answers with some diplomacy or for some, it started naturally. for some, it may be a necessity or for some it may be Alluring.

But nearly every Entrepreneur will also accept that it was tough. There’s nothing simple about starting your own Business.

While you are in a business you can never be an Entrepreneur, is the totally WRONG perception.

ZeroGravito — an initiative by entrepreneurs, connect funds and incubates Innovative Indian Tech Start-Ups. It is a platform to nurture revolutionary entrepreneurial ideas under the mentorship of the same team that brought you CapitalVia.

How CapitalVia supports you in becoming an Entrepreneur???

  • Do not Quit the Job: Every individual thinks that to become an Entrepreneur we have to Quit our Jobs but this statement is unacceptable for the employees of CapitalVia as they can do both i.e. they can do their jobs and with that, they can work for their own Business.
  • Assets and Resources: CapitalVia will also provide their own assets and resources with zero or minimal charges.
  • Mentorship: The CIO of the Company Mr. Rohit Gadia and our entire Management Team will become the mentor for the employees for becoming successful entrepreneur and guide them in coping up with their difficult Situations which can can become hurdle in their entrepreneurship.
  • Development Programs: On Regular Intervals, CapitalVia engage in development programs for encouraging its employees to groom themselves and their Ideas.

Open Doors for All Ideas: Business cannot be build without an Idea thus CapitalVia welcomes ideas for all start ups and motivate its employee to work for their ideas and Be their own Boss.

Billionaire Mark Cuban once shared the advice that his dad gave him:

Do the work. Out-work. Out-think. Out-sell your expectations. There are no shortcuts.
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