What We Save When We Give Up
Megan Reynolds

I guess I’m lucky that I dislike wasting money and also think bars are nightmares full of people desperate to be considered cool by other people. Inconvenient, uncomfortable, loud, disgusting places that serve the exact same alcohol you can buy at a store for significantly less money. Would people go to a cool Best Buy-owned nightclub if it was dark, noisy, and sold Pitch Perfect on DVD for $90?

Do people who regularly go out to bars even remember the different nights? Do you see your credit card statement and know what happened in exchange for $51 on the 24th vs. what happened in exchange for $67 on the 25th? The times I go to bars for work events feels like I’m living the same event over and over again. Everyone yelling over the music about who isn’t there, what time other people will get there, and the logistics of getting home. What’s the point? It’s less social than having a normal conversation with these people at the office.

My girlfriend and I live in NYC and spend about $60 combined every month on going out to eat. We like good, cheap food and aren’t trying to impress people in our hometown with Instagram pictures of us pretending to have fun. If we want to drink we buy beer from a grocery store or Trader Joe’s wine. In addition to the savings, we can hear what each other is saying when we talk.

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