Bring Back Cubicles
Megan Reynolds

I’d love to work at a company where everyone gets a real office with a door. I know of one big company that does that, but it’s a private company so they have the freedom of spending as much money as they want on stuff like that without having to tell shareholders. Public companies have to constantly cut costs and an easy way to do that is to cram more employees into less space via open floorplans.

Like I’ve commented here a few other times, everything public companies do is to increase shareholder value. That’s it. It’s simple. Whatever they tell the employees about team-building benefits or whatever is bullshit.

I’m typing this currently in an open office of a public company where I rarely talk to anyone because 15 people can hear everything everyone says, making it impossible to have a real conversation with someone because my brain has to filter out anything remotely personal or real I’d share with that person because I don’t want co-workers, my boss, or my boss’s boss to overhear. Most people are quiet here, except the guy who obliviously mumble-sings out loud to the music in his headphones for most of the day.

So I just comment on The Billfold instead. No teams built. No productivity increased, unless you count these comments.

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