Will Moving to Los Angeles Change My Life?
Stephanie Ashe

I’m in a very similar situation. My girlfriend and I have been in NYC for 4 years and went to LA for a week in January and decided to move there this summer. I work in the entertainment industry, so it makes sense work-wise, and when we made the plan I was confident I’d just quit my job, move out there, and find a new one, since it’s a lot easier to get hired when you’re in the city already. We have no plans to settle down in LA since the cost of living (specifically buying a house) is way too high, but it seems great for a few years. We don’t have kids or a mortgage, so why not?

But the closer we’ve gotten to that point where we have to make serious moves, the scarier it’s become. What if I can’t find a job for a long time out there? Can we even get an apartment without proof of income? Car insurance is expensive. What if we get in an accident on the drive out there and I’m in between having health insurance?

So while we both really don’t want to experience another miserably depressing NYC winter (we’re both from the south), we’ve realized that getting more fulfilling jobs (part of our desire to cut ties and move across the country is from the feeling of being stuck in our careers without clear paths out), no matter where, would be a safer step that may lead to just as much happiness as being in LA would with jobs we’re forced to accept because we’re desperate.

I am interviewing for a job in LA, though, so best-case scenario we’ll be able to secure jobs that will let us move out there. But we’re in the mindset now, like everyone’s been telling you, that moving isn’t guaranteed to solve any problems, and there’s risk in assuming our day-to-day life out there will resemble the one we experienced on a vacation.

It’s great out there, but there are downsides like there are everywhere. I’m trying to improve my day-to-day life with a better job. Would be great if it’s in LA.