A Halloween to Forget

Did I ever tell you the time about that one Halloween I got arrested?


Well, here goes nothing.

I was in college — meaning I attended college. But I didn’t live on a college campus, I lived in Manhattan. It was a pretty raunchy time in my life. I was 18 years old and I possessed a fake ID that listed me as 22. I had finally broken free from the hold of my strict parents. I had just barely been passing my classes…but it was still my first semester of college. So they had to give me a break.

Halloween fell on Friday that year; so obviously, we decided to get wild.

My roommate Jenna and I planned our costumes for weeks in advance. We were going to each have two costumes — one during the day, and one at night. Our daytime costumes were cute; we were m&m’s. I was the green one, she was the orange one. But our nighttime costumes were a bit more revealing…

We were both sexy police officers.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How could two girls dressed as sexy police officers possibly get arrested on Halloween? Well, I invite you to use your imagination on this one.What is one effect of drinking too much alcohol? Correct. Reality distortion. What’s another one? Correct. Poor judgement. And, one more —Yep. Slurred speech.

I don’t remember how or why…but after our 4th party of the evening, while we were getting pizza, Jenna decided to pick a fight with another girl in the pizza place. Because the other girl was also belligerent, things escalated quickly. Me, being the peacemaker that I am, remained in character, called 911, and reported the fight to my fellow NYPD. They showed up immediately and arrested all of us….

My rich aunt from Long Island bailed me out the next morning.

I thanked her with an arrangement from www.jamescressflorist.com.

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