Every parent wonders what their children will be when they grow up. What a parent instills in their kid, while they’re growing up, is very key and will play a great role in determining what they become. How they will tackle handles and handle challenges. Every parent has to learn to Let your child make decisions from an early age. How they execute their decisions will clearly show, if what they have learned over time, has positively or negatively impacted their lives.

Ever wondered why a well manned child after going away to college becomes the most rowdy kid after a short while. Sometimes, if not always, when one is handed freedom, it may not necessarily mean that they will be free. Simply because the captive may still be bound in their mind since they have held on to all traits, behavior, rational that the had acquired while they were confined to their prior comfort zone. The key is wisely letting your child always feel that they are making their own decisions from an earlier age.

Allow them to make mistakes. When they realize they made a mistake and what mistake they made allowed them to suggest to you how they could have done thing’s better. If their suggestion seems better than how they did it previously let them use that as a solution. It may not necessarily be the solution you would have chosen for them, but for the sake of helping them attain Independence, you sometimes have to let them have their way. Show them and insist that all they need to do when they fall is not to cry, but be careful the next time. They should also learn how to dust themselves off or get over the situation and move on. Avoiding what made them fall in the first place and also avoid seeing crying as a solution.

There is nothing as annoying as a cry baby! Having a child who cries every time is a sign you are doing something wrong. When they cry teach them crying is not a solution. They need to find a solution to their problem instead. Have you ever realize that their are people who spend too much time mourning over spilt milk, people who small thing make them feel as if the whole world collapsed on them, not realizing, the rest of of the world is still moving on. These people still think crying is a solution. Still looking for mama’s shoulder to cry on, Still bound with unseen codes. Teaching your child not to be dependant is key. It will help them handle rejection well and also learn not only to make wise decisions but also to choose friends wisely. Because they won’t assume that the first person who consoles them cares for them.

If you’re child is still under your care and you feel they have not learned to make wise decisions you still have a chance, to determine, how the next phase of their lives will be like. There needs to be a transition period between where they’re from and where they’re head. If your influence towards them never yields much fruit, don’t fret enlist help before Letting your child go. Wisdom calls for a different take or revaluation of their values. As a responsible parent you have to find a solution. When freedom is attained it calls for a change of Your perspectives. Try to do the best you can, I always believe it’s never late, if you are willing solutions will always come your way.

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