Extreme penny stock trading for Quick and Big profits

So rather than sit in cash for six months plus I decided to start looking.

I have never been a great supporter of shorting stocks. Yes there are profits from doing this and I have done it. But I generally find it very difficult shorting stocks. The counter rallies always seemed to stop me out.

I looked at day trading. Another way of making profits in a bear market but it’s work. And sometimes the pay off isn’t that great. Yes, it’s something I will delve further into but this isn’t about day trading.

I started looking at stocks that were still making good moves during this market cycle. What I noticed was they tended to be low floated stocks (not many shares outstanding) low priced and the moves whilst spectacular, did not last long. Understand this you cannot go for the BIG MOVES and the BIG MONEY (ie what my Momentum Stock Trading System is all about) when the overall market trend is down.

Why were the lower priced, small float stocks making these “spike moves”? Probably pump and dump stocks. I am not condoning this practice at all. But you can exploit it and ride on the coat-tails for profits. BUT do not overstay your welcome. Most people tend to start believing the “story” or the hype about these stocks. Don’t do it. Get in and out with your quick profits and move on.

There are without a doubt big profits to be made by trading penny stocks. Interested in finding out how?

Get the best trading method and see how I trade penny stocks for big profits here at: http://pennystocksystem.co.

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